Well, hello….welcome!

So I said to myself…. I would like to write.  Write about what?  I do not know.  Maybe if I like to write, I should start a blog.  A blog about what?  I do not know.  But here I am, BLOGGING.

I was inspired by a friend who also recently started a blog, if for no other reason than she wanted to feed her love of writing.  So thank you, friend, for the push to fuel my own passion for writing in this way.

I am excited!

Since I have no particular objective or theme in mind, I can see this taking a number of directions on any given day.  I’m sure you will get to know me and learn about my life here (if you don’t know me and my life already).  Some other topics I can very easily envision finding their way into my entries:

Family and friends:  They are the foundation.
Food:  Ingredients, growing, cooking, baking, eating.  Oh, and I don’t eat meat.
Our house:  An abyss of projects and tinkering.  We are making it our own.
Los gatos:  There are two and they are fat.  We are nerdy cat people.
Work:  It’s how the bills get paid.
Play:  You have to make time for it.
Travel:  The ever-growing list of places to see (or return to) before I die.
Books:  I’ve already referenced nerdy once, but here it is again.  I’m a total bookworm.
Music:  My ongoing quest to hear new and different.  Also my ongoing quest to dig myself out of music ruts.
Running:  A cardio workout that doesn’t stop challenging me.
Yoga:  Soothes the mind and soul.
Dental hygiene:  I just think it’s really important.
Pet peeves:  Because they’re fun to talk about and I have a lot of them.
Shoes:  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.
Wine:  Because it’s GOOD.
Palindromes:  I don’t know, I just like them.

And frankly, some entries may very well be about absolutely nothing.  A lot of entries may be about absolutely nothing.  That’s okay too, I think.

Entry number one, done!

I guess we’ll see where this goes….thanks for reading!


One Comment on “Well, hello….welcome!”

  1. yennilb says:

    Yay! So excited to follow your blog:) I think you’re off to a great start!

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