Grilled Corn Salad!

DT’s eight-year old son, Sam, went to the farmer’s market with his class one day last week.  He picked out some yummy fresh produce for us, including seven ears of sweet corn.  Summery sweet corn – perfect!  I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to make it this season, bad us.

We tried to grill corn last year and failed miserably (read:  we burned the crap out of it).  This year we are much wiser with the methodology of loooowww and sloooowww when it comes to bringing corn and flame together.

I wanted to do some kind of corn salad, or relish, or something….I found this recipe and used it as inspiration for my own spin:  Land O’Lakes Corn Relish Salad.

Here’s what we did:

1.  Husk the corn.  We sat on our back step and husked away – it was a[nother] beautiful night, and much less humid.

husking corn


Husk carnage on the driveway.

2.  I rubbed the ears with canola oil and added a dash of both salt and pepper before they hit the fire.

raw corn

Ready for the grill!

3.  Meanwhile – inside – a green pepper, banana pepper, and onion await.  DT chopped them up and we sauteed them with some light Italian dressing.

salad vegies

Our pretty-much-every-dinner staples: peppers and onions.

4.  The corn grilled away, and turned out pretty darn perfect this time around.  Low and slow, I’m tellin’ you.

grilling corn

We're watchin' them carefully this time!

grilled corn

The perfect amount of char!

5.  I sliced the kernels from the cobs – I just love the feeling of the knife cutting down the side of the cobs, how strange.

cutting cobs

pile of corn

6.  By this time, the peppers and onions were cooked, looking and smelling fabulous, don’t you agree?  (Can’t you smell them from over there??)

sauteed vegies

7.  The corn and other veggies were tossed in a bowl.  I added a bit more dressing, some celery salt (from the Land O’Lakes recipe), and pepper.  The salad cooled on the counter while we tended to the burgers.

8.  We tended to the burgers.

grilling burgers

My sad little veggie burger gets the grilling love it deserves. DT's "real deals" warm up top.

grilled burgers

Grilling complete!

9.  Can’t have burgers without sauteed onions now, can you??  Not in this house, no sir.

sauteed onions

Ahhh....oniony, buttery GOODNESS. Every burger wants this. (Yes, even veggie burgers.)

10.  Just before we assembled the meal, I added some garden vegetable and basil-flavored cheese (cut in cubes) to the salad.

corn salad

Corn salad!

11.  Let’s not forget about the Sweet Baby Ray’s….we go through gallons of this stuff during grilling season.

Sweet Baby Ray's

And voila!  An all-around grilled meal.  The salad was dee-lish….I just love how grilled corn has almost a popcorn-like taste.  Mixed with the peppers, onions, and seasonings, all of the ingredients and flavors were easily accounted for.

We are happy eaters.

dinner is served

Come and get it!

Are you a traditionalist with sweet corn and prefer it no frills, just straight off the cob?  Or do you enjoy it in salads, relishes, or salsas as the hero ingredient?

Bon appetit!


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