Centennial Lakes farmer’s market

We (DT, Sam, Henry, and I) hit up the Centennial Lakes farmer’s market tonight.  Less than 10 minutes from our house, and I only discovered this just about a month ago at a work team outing.

We arrived a little later than I hoped – just about 30 minutes before close, but we still had a nice time meandering around….some fun vendors!  Fresh produce, flowers, baked bread, gluten-free food, and of course, the kettle corn!  So many vendors were local, of which I am a huge proponent.

market 1

market 2

I found some cute little eggplants to enjoy this weekend:


Sam and Henry watched the remote-controlled boats tooling around the lake:

Little Toot

Little Toot!


The sloop

We met a birdie friend….


And let’s not forget about the kettle corn….

kettle corn consumption

We even ran into our friend Emily – what a lovely night!

Oh – and….more beautiful fresh flowers to brighten our bedroom!  Sunflowers too!  Thank you, sweet DT!




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