Date Night at Amici

DT got a Groupon for Amici Pizza and Bistro a few weeks back.  We had a Date Night on the books, a craving for pizza, and an itch to go out….soooo….AMICI it is!

Amici is located in northeast Minneapolis off Johnson Street – check them out here.  Honestly, if we hadn’t bought (or received) this Groupon, we never would have discovered this little gem.  Two thumbs up for Groupon and new discoveries!

And here, a chronicle of our evening:

Amici outside

Upon arrival....including DT's melon, bottom left.

Amici inside

A view toward the outside from our booth.

Amici menu

Amici menu

Amici wine

Wine of the evening - Manyana Tempranillo....YUM!

DT and L - Amici

Happy on Date Night!

We ordered the Bruschetta with oil-cured tomatoes and goat cheese for an app:Amici Bruschetta


Now let’s talk about the pizza….we made our own 14″ with pickled peppers (i.e. pepperoncini peppers) and onions.  Here’s what we got:

Amici pizza

And here’s what it looks like when it is SO FREAKING GOOD….and we finished it:

Pizza gone - empty pan.

Yep, we just polished ‘er right off.  Here’s why:

The crust – bubbly at the edges, but super thin (yet not soggy, nor crackery) toward the middle of the pie.

The sauce – understated, but super flavorful.  Almost sweet and tangy.

The peppers – added just enough kick without overpowering.

The cheese – gooey goodness without completely weighing down the already-thin slices.

And so….we ate it.  With great glee, we ate it.

This NE neighborhood has such a great little pizza joint….if we lived nearby we’d be indulging many nights a week (and weighing 500 pounds).  We’ll definitely be back – and I hope they run another Groupon soon!

Cheers to Date Night!

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