Whatta weekend!

Oh….Mondays are already wretched and uninspiring, but even more so on the heels of such a fantastic weekend.  Can someone please figure out a way to go back in time to Friday afternoon so I can start it all over?  Please??

Okay, fine.  No time travel….I guess I will relive it again by relaying the weekend’s activities here.  Not an entirely suitable substitute, but it will just have to do.

1.  First of all, the weather was AMAZING.  That’s like 100 points right there.

2.  Friday night:  Uptown Art Fair.  A few of us meandered around the fair for a while, then hit DRINK’s rooftop for a post-fair refreshment.

Uptown Art Fair 2011

Art Fair crew

The not-so-fun end to the evening:  Leaving house keys in my car parked in Uptown, taking a cab home (the responsible thing to do), but forgetting to get said house keys out of car, and discovering this oversight after the cab dropped us off.

Locked.  OUT.


DT was ready to break a window (the screen was ripped off, he was that close – as an aside, that would have made me VERY unhappy), but crisis was averted when his sister dropped off our spare set.*  Phew.

*Very quick lesson learned:  Hide spare key outside someplace in the event such an oversight were to occur in the future.

3.  Saturday morning:  laaazy-daisy.  We consumed a pot of coffee, Saturday’s paper was read, and I finished another Stephanie Plum book (Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich).

4.  Saturday afternoon:  mid-day cocktails with two of my favorite gals, Nancy and Laura, on Aster Cafe’s amazing patio.

5.  Date Night at Amici (see previous post).  Dinner was followed by a nice, long walk in the ‘hood.  There was a crazy lightening show and we even got a little sprinkle of rain as we rounded the last couple of blocks.  Rainy walk….fun!

6.  Sunday morning:  a repeat of Saturday morning….laziness, coffee, newspaper.  Mwuah.

7.  My bike’s sad little flat tire was remedied with a trip to Penn Cycle and a tube replacement.  It’s a good thing we live so close to this shop, given our repeated issues with bike flat tires.

8.  Sunday afternoon:  BIKE RIDE!

We hopped on our bikes in search of a little exercise and adventure.  Sea Salt, located in Minnehaha Park, was our destination.  For those of you who have never been to Sea Salt or Minnehaha Park….stop reading this and go.  Go NOW.  It is the quintessential summer day in Minneapolis.  Delicious food and drink from Sea Salt (I have never been there when it is NOT busy or there was NO line….it’s always packed), and beautiful scenery from the Falls and surrounding park.  Although the restaurant closes during the winter months, the park is still open to accommodate visitors seeking to enjoy themselves in the snowy outdoors.

Minnehaha Park

DT and L - Sea Salt

We're heeeere!

Sea Salt beverages

Refreshing beverages enjoyed after the first leg of our ride.

After a little rest and relaxation on Sea Salt’s patio, we made our way toward the Falls.

DT and L - falls

falls 1

View from the top.

falls 2

Mighty falls!

DT falls 1

Another view from the top.

There is a great trail that runs along the falls up top and at the bottom.  We went for a little hike.

DT falls 2

Downstream from the falls there is an area where the current slows and you can do a little wading.  I did – the water was FAR warmer than I remembered last year:

feet at Falls

And here is a picture of David taking a photo of me while I am taking a photo of him.  Original, huh?

DT falls - photo taking

One of us along the trail:

DT and L - falls 2

Beautiful waterfall behind us – and rays of sunshine!DT and L - falls 3

And then, after all that fun, we had to pedal on home.  DT Mapped-My-Runned our route and came up with about a 17-mile ride, round trip.  Not too shabby!

This concludes the Super-Fun-Weekend.  Sad, and tear.  But honestly – every single thing we/I did (well, except that key/locking-out thing) is precisely my idea of what a summer weekend should be:  FUN, relaxing, outdoors, friends, good food and good outings, refreshments, bike rides, walks, patios….yadayadayada.

Now onto another week.

What does your perfect summer weekend look like?



2 Comments on “Whatta weekend!”

  1. yennilb says:

    Loooooooove Sea Salt!!

  2. […] traffic on the way back, so decided to take a detour (not necessarily in the direction of home) to Sea Salt for some patio time and a late […]

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