Greek night!

Our neighbor to the left has bestowed upon us a bounty of cucumbers from her garden this summer, bless her heart.

Here’s the thing:  I don’t really like cucumbers.

I like pickles just fine, cukes over the eyes never hurt a person, and cucumber in water at the spa (for as much as I GO to a spa….), okay.  Those are good uses for cucumbers.

DT likes them pretty well, but I felt like I needed to spearhead how to utilize these gifts on our doorstep.  It would be such a shame to waste.

So I started Googling, the only natural thing to do with a cucumber abundance.

Alas, an epiphany.  Tzi….wait.  Hang on.  How do you spell….tzitxi….no.  Oh for the love.  This is a copy and paste kind of word.


YES!  Tzatziki!  What a perfect way to blend a not-too-fond ingredient (yet we have at least 10 of, and not of our own doing) into a delicious sauce to complement some OTHER delicious food??!

We were pondering dinner tonight, and honestly, Fridays are typically pretty lazy.  We normally just don’t really try.  So when I suggested Greek night, and asked if it would be too much work for a Friday, then DT said, “that actually sounds really yummy”….we were in business.

We each made a stop at the store after work for our respective ingredients:  DT (meat); me (Falafel, pita, and yogurt for the sauce).

I have to admit – I took the easy way out with the Falafel mix.  I had to cut one little corner on Friday night!  Someday I plan to make the REAL deal.

So here, the ingredients (I mean seriously….do you see that bowl full of cucumbers to the right??):

Greek night ingredients

From there, I started on the Tzatziki sauce, recipe courtesy of Cat Cora.

cukes and yogurt

Plain yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, ground pepper, and garlic were added to the bowl.

utensil drawer

Looking for a peeler....wonder why I couldn't find one in our utensil drawer??

grated cukes

Finally found the peeler and grater....grated cukes.

yogurt zip


Then I moved on to the Falafel:

dry felafel

The Falafel mix went into a bowl and water was added (here was dry). P.S. I transferred the yogurt dip into a smaller bowl and used that for the Falafel. I was glad to scrape the sides of yogurt, olive oil, and garlic....definitely added to the flavor.

falafel patties

The Falafel mixture set for 15 minutes, then was ready to make into patties. I sprayed the pan with nonstick and drizzled the patties with a bit of canola oil.

Meanwhile, DT’s meat component….pork.  Yesh.  But I won’t say anything.

pork patties

Pork patty-makin'

pork patties

Pork patties go down on the pan.

browned falafel

My Falafel browned. Pretty yummy smell right there.

raw vegies

One green pepper, two banana peppers, and two onions are sprinkled with seasoned salt, ground pepper, and canola oil to saute.

cooked vegies

Vegies done!


While DT's pork finishes, four pita halves go into the oven to warm.

RJ supervises Greek

RJ (Wait! You haven't met him yet! You will soon!) surveys Greek night preparation (he just woke up from a nap). He would later crawl all over the pork patty pan while we ate downstairs. Arrrggg, BAD kitty. You've only just heard the beginning.

DT’s pork has cooked:

cooked pork

And his stuffed-pita-masterpiece-with-TZATZIKI looked like this:meat pita

Here’s mine.  Ahhhh.

vegie falafel

I slathered so much TZATZIKI to coat the pita (almost shown here), then went on to drape it – in near-gluttony fashion (thank goodness the yogurt was non-fat) ALL OVER both halves of the pita.  I couldn’t even show you here.  Gluttony.  There, I’ll say it.

I’m quite proud of our ambition tonight!  It was deeeLISH and we managed to use *some* of our cucumber stash.  And….I may have learned how to spell Tzatziki.

(Nope!  Just copied and pasted that sucker.  🙂  )



5 Comments on “Greek night!”

  1. Hahah, I’ve read that word too many times and I’m going to attempt it without looking: tzatiki.

    Nope, failed.

  2. Ashley says:

    TZATZIKI!!! I’m so glad you put a recipe up for this! One question though- did you strain the yogurt? Some recipes say you have to strain greek yogurt to prevent runny-ness.

  3. Carrie says:

    I’m going to need to make this pronto. We have a cucumber overload.

    • You totally should! I just read about your cucumbers today….our garden sucks compared to yours, that’s for sure. Make some Tzatc…. whatever…. that’ll be at LEAST four cucumbers! 🙂

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