Sunday Funday

My mom came for a visit today, it was such fun.  🙂

It was another glowing August-in-Minnesota day.  The kiddos rode their bikes while the adults walked to the nearby Cone Brothers ice cream shop (a three minute drive/15 minute walk from our house).

But I messed up.

I brought my phone, all ready to photograph our tasty ice cream treats.  The snafu:  I was SO focused on my raspberry-lemon-Italian-ice-in-a-dish….that I COMPLETELY forgot to capture Mamma’s cappuccino and chocolate ice cream, DT’s Fat Elvis (banana ice cream with caramel and chocolate), Henry’s cone with the Italian ice, and Sam’s dish with the same.


As everyone was finishing up their treats I realized….CRAP!  I totally blew it….the dishes were empty, the cones were eaten….and I had captured none of it.  BOO me.

My defense:  The Italian ice was SO.  FlippinGOOD.  I just lost myself in it….swirls of tangy raspberry and tart lemon….Sam said he wanted a two-year supply of it.  I second that.  It was just so refreshing after sitting out in the sun and then walking down to the shop.

Well, I got these after the fact:

Cone Brothers

Cone Brothers storefront


Beautiful yellow flower on a table out front.

Cone Brothers sign

I’ll do better next time, and I’m fairly certain there will be at least one (or five) more trips there before summer’s end.  It’s a great little place, and so close to home.


walk home

DT, Sam and Henry on their bikes.

DT and Mom walking ahead.

We passed a plum tree, picked a plum:


A couple of bites….Ooooo, puckery and tart!

eaten plum

We stopped at the park and played for a bit….Mamma and I swung:

Mom swing 1

Mom, swingin' away....

Mom swing 2

Mom swing 3

Mom swing 4

swing feet

Swingy feet!

swing shadow

David rode Sam’s bike:

David bike 2

David bike 1

Once we rounded our street, we pilfered an apple from our nearly-abandoned neighbor’s house:

DT apple tree

Air time!

DT apple

apple tree

Look at all those apples!


We kept it simple with burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  I found a recipe for Mom’s Macaroni Salad (how appropriate since MOM was here?!) with a Google search.  I doubled the recipe so there would be some to take for lunch this week.  Bonus!

Macaroni salad ingredients

Ingredients - I included a banana pepper with the veggie mix.

boiled noodles

Boiled noodles


Two hard-boiled eggs were added to the noodles.

Two green peppers, two onions, and one banana pepper were sauteed (does this look at all familiar?!)….


….and added to the noodles and eggs:



Fresh parsley!

macaroni salad

Macaroni salad....oodles of flavorful parsley and smoky paprika!

Sam and Henry’s hot dogs:

hot dogs

And let’s not forget the sauteed onions for the burgers (another familiar picture?!):



Dinner is served!  (Mom had already taken her plate to the Adirondack chair. 😉 )


Oh, this weekend went sooo fast….they always do.  This was such a fantastic day to wrap it up!

Happy entry to the week!


One Comment on “Sunday Funday”

  1. Mummy says:

    What a fun day! I forgot how much I loved the swings on the school playground!

    What time should I show up next Sunday?

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