I’d like to introduce….


If you know me, you already know about our two feline roomies, but just a little 411:

Sir Milo Sidney

Sir Milo

One of Milo's more flattering poses.

Vital stats

Birthday:  October 31, 1998

Hometown:  Duluth, MN

Interests:  Iams Weight Control kibble, treats, catnip, naps (preferably in the sunshine, but really anywhere), drinking from the sink, getting brushed,  incessantly seeking attention.

Interesting facts:  Milo came into my life when I was a junior at UMD (October 31, 2000).  He has gained a significant amount of weight since I acquired him – my then roommate/then and now best friend Nancy took the liberty of putting him on weight control food.  You see how well that has worked.

Milo has fallen through a ceiling, set his whiskers on fire, had ten teeth pulled (he only has one incisor left), and chirps like a bird.  He does not care for car rides.  Other than that – he’s pretty much the most easy-going lump ever (except when he’s incessantly seeking attention).

RJ (Rick James)


RJ and his big ears.

Vital stats

Birthday:  May 5, 2004

Hometown:  Kansas City, KS

Interests:  Iams Weight Control kibble (and any other food he can find), treats, catnip and toys, looking out the window, running out the door, eating grass, jumping, licking doors, getting brushed, scratching our furniture, unplugging things (namely the lamps and alarm clock in our bedroom), tripping people as they walk down the stairs (or walk anywhere).

Interesting facts:  RJ came into our lives on January 2 of this year.  He has gigantic feet and an extremely strange meow – I can’t even describe it, it’s almost like a croaky toad.  He likes to burrow under blankets like a little gopher.

They’re impressive, aren’t they?!

Milo and RJ….what a pair.  They drive us crazy, but they also make us laugh every day.  Our lives would be so dull without them!

Do you have pet roomies?  Are they GOOD pet roomies or NAUGHTY pet roomies?!  😉


3 Comments on “I’d like to introduce….”

  1. Gretta says:

    Oh, how I love Milo! He has taught Hansel everything he knows. 😉 I miss having that pair together. I am lucky to have lived with the “little” guy. I do have to mention how much I miss his helpful tips while doing crossword puzzles on Sunday afternoons. But, I spose I skip that now that I am busy with two little ones of my own. If I was still doing homework these days I would be looking for him to occupy my lap. What a lucky family you are to enjoy his cuddles. Love to Milo!!

    • G!! I’m so glad you saw this! You have so many memories of Milo, thank you for adding to the list of his flubbs. 😉 We had two marvelous years of roommate-ship, our kitties only added to our laughter and fun. And crossword puzzles, naturally. I remember that little perch we had on the living room window – they loved sitting there, watching whatever was going on in that big tree. Gosh….was that yesterday?!!?

      I – and even Sam and Henry now that they know Hansel – would love a Milo/Hansel reunion, I so wonder what they’d do if they found each other again.

      We had so much fun with your family and friends Saturday – the boys were thrilled to have a Hansel sighting. 🙂 Hope to see you again very soon (for REAL)! xxxxoooo

      La 🙂

  2. yennilb says:

    I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with Mr. Rick James yet. However, Sir Milo and I go way back! I love that chirpy bird and his sideways running entrance to the room! (or at least he used to do that when he was younger and more sprightly:)

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