The meal I make when I don’t want to try

DT and I got home a bit later than normal yesterday, plus there was a big ol’ storm a-brewin’.  We wanted to watch it come in, and before we knew it, we’d been sitting out on the front porch for an hour and it was after 8:00.  What, oh what, shall we do for dinner?

Couple of things:  1.  We are in dire need of a produce restock, either via grocery store or farmer’s market.  We usually have an exhaustive supply of peppers and onions, but last night we were down to A (1, uno, ONE) green pepper and NO onions.  Hrm.  2.  We wanted something filling that was relatively mindless to throw together – and something that wasn’t total and utter crap.  I.E.  Something remotely healthy.  3.  We were lazy.

Default meal it is.  Default meal = Quesadillas (a.k.a. DILLAS.  Pronounced just as it’s spelled, thank you, Napoleon Dynamite.  I can’t even order them in a restaurant and say it correctly anymore).  Dillas are easy to throw together, they’re filling, and all things considered, there are worse meals we could find to eat health-wise (and we have).

First, let’s storm watch.

rainy street

Rainy street

rainy driveway 2

Rainy driveway

rainy driveway 3

It's really coming down!

rainy driveway 4

Rain pours and streams down our driveway.

The aforementioned hour on the front porch passed, so now on to Default Meal that’s Not Total and Utter Crap.

Here’s what we’re gonna do.  And here’s how I really like my Dillas….piling fajita veggies, then sandwiching them between two tortillas (low fat, thank you), black beans (low fat and PROOOtein!), and shredded Mexican-blend cheese (also low – erm – reduced – fat).

It so happens that we had fajitas the night before (another Default Meal that’s Not Total Crap in our house).  We took our lone green pepper, sliced it up, sauteed it, then added the leftover veggies (green peppers, onions, banana peppers) from Monday night to make a nice little Dilla topping.

green pepper

Sauteeing the last green pepper....sad.

dilla vegies

Sauteed veggies for the DILLA!

Then, assembling the tortilla base.

black beans/tortillas

Black beans go down first.


Veggies were piled on.


Now the Mexican-blend cheese.

into the oven!

Into the oven they go!


Baking, baking, baking in the oven!

dillas done

Crispy and brown, Dillas are done!

melty good

Oooo....that steamy, cheesy (remember, reduced fat!), baked-Dilla goodness!

dillas sliced

dilla on plate

Onto the plate!

Ready to eat!  DT’s plate is upfront – he tops his Dilla with sour cream (NON-fat!  Healthy health health 😉 ) and hot sauce.  Me – I’m a sour cream and lotsa-salsa (medium heat) kinda gal.

finished dillas


Meanwhile, as we cooked (and ate), the rain picked up again.  Like, a LOT.

rainy maude 1

Pouring rain - watching from our back door.

rainy maude 2

Oy, REALLY pouring rain!

Our tummies were happily filled with Dillas while the rain fell.

What’s your go-to Default Meal that’s Not Total and Utter Crap?



2 Comments on “The meal I make when I don’t want to try”

  1. Carrie says:

    Our go to meal is usually stirfry. You can pretty much put anything in there and it will come out alright. I forgot how much I love a dang quesadilla though! We need to have some tortillas on hand!

  2. yennilb says:

    We often do a DYOD night when we don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking. Do-your-own-dinner is our way of eating what you want without considering what the other wants to eat.
    That way, I can have any kind of salad or squash or whatever veggies I have on hand plus maybe a simple sandwich, while Nathan can have whatever he wants to eat (most likely something from the freezer or maybe peanut butter toast with honey). Although not always healthy choices are made, we always end up happy 🙂

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