Friday night walk to Fireside

We totally blew off our hot Friday night date at the grocery store. Yep, it could’ve been magical. 😉

Instead, we took a walk to Fireside Pizza (new site coming soon)….ten minutes away by foot. We have been talking about their patio – and pizza – all darn summer. Actually, since we moved in (11/30/2010). FINALLY we made it. Gosh, we procrastinate.

Fireside walk down

happy walkers

Happy walkers!

And then we arrived at a Richfield institution:

fireside sign

Richfield staple since 1960:


fireside patio

It started to cloud over a bit, but no rain was on the radar. Fireside’s patio is FAB! So, we ordered beer and wine:

fireside drinks

It was still early, by our dinner standards anyway, but we needed a little snack.fireside menu

So we ordered the *full* garlic/cheese bread:

fireside cheese bread

And we ate it.

bread done.

We were happy.

DT_L fireside

Then we walked home to our Friday night.

walk home

Happy weekend!


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