Grilled Veggie Sandwich (GVS)

Oyyy, yesterday was lazy.  Not a bad thing, considering we had a whirlwind Saturday….drove to and from Alexandria, then went to our friends’ annual wine party (long car ride+long day+wine+delicious food+fun friends+late night=sluggish Sunday).

Two productive things happened to report:

1.  We made the desperately-needed grocery store run.

2.  Though lazy by day, I actually made some effort at dinnertime.  The outcome:  a Grilled Veggie Sandwich (hereafter GVS), inspired and loosely adapted from Giada’s Grilled Vegetable, Herb and Goat Cheese Sandwich recipe.  Someday I do intend to make Giada’s sandwich as she’s meant it to be, but I had no goat cheese or spinach in the house (I know, I know….and after that grocery run!), plus I wanted to do my own spin.

DT made burgers. 🙂

I finally got my patoot off the couch at 5:00 (after a 2+ hour nap), and decided to start my day.

Here are the veggies I would later grill for my sandwich – the white blob is many cloves of garlic (although I only used two zucchinis….is that right for plural zucchini?!):

veggie sandwich veggies

I chopped up the garlic and sliced the veggies lengthwise.  They went into a big glass bowl:

bowl of veggies

I added olive oil, basil, parsley, oregano, and black pepper (precise amounts unknown….it was more of a shake of this, a shake of that-kind of measurement).  But it looked like this:

veggie seasoning

Then stirred up:

seasoned veggies

Ahhhh.  Now, let the veggies sit and absorb all of the flavor from the oil and spices.

Meanwhile.  I have a smallish loaf of sweet wheat bread that I’m going to cut in half and toast on the grill.

sweet wheat bread

I used about three tablespoons of light Miracle Whip (I like the tang of MW versus plain old mayo), a spoonful of minced garlic, and the same seasonings used for the veggies to make a sort-of aioli spread.

mayo with seasoning

Mixed ‘er up:


DT sauteed onions for his burgers….he added a little baby *hot* pepper (FRESH from the garden….love to say that!) to the mix:

red pepper

Then we got to grillin’.

grilling onions - raw

grilling veggies

Veggies go onto the flames.

grilling burgers

DT's burgers with seasoning.


Grill is full!

And after a while on the fire, here’s what everything looked like:

grilled onions

Buttery, sweet, and SPICY onions!

grilled veggies

The eggplant and zucchini cooked down a and with all those flavorful spices. YUM-A!

grilled burgers

DT's burgers....looking kind of grilled and lonely.

Now, to put everything together!

I slathered (who likes that word??) some of the aioli mixture onto each side of the toasted roll.

bread with aioli

And melted a slice of Swiss cheese on each side….

melted cheese

Oooo....melty and steamy Swiss!

Then proceeded to pile the veggies on.  Clearly this is an open-faced sandwich….to be eaten with a FORK.

grilled veggie sandwich

DT’s burgers didn’t turn out half bad, either!

DT burgers 1

DT burgers 2

Love those mustard swirls! 😉

And so we eat.  Yum yum yum.

Bonus:  I have oodles of leftover veggies to use tonight when we do Greek Night part II !  Weeeee!

Happy Monday!


2 Comments on “Grilled Veggie Sandwich (GVS)”

  1. yennilb says:

    Both look so yummy!

  2. yennilb says:

    I definitely want to try making a GVS soon! I’m liking eggplant more and more these days too 🙂

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