Savoring Summer….easy night in the backyard

I thought I would have to work late[er] tonight, but turns out….nope!  Websites will launch tomorrow, hopefully during working hours, and all will be well.

So DT and I putzed in the backyard this fine evening.

It felt cool, crisp.  Dare I say….almost fall-like.  (I had goosebumps!)

The sun is setting earlier, hiding behind the trees well before it did a month ago.  Like….getting dark-ish at 8:00.

Summer is waning.  Frown.  😦

All around a reminder to get out and enjoy what we have left this season, because gosh….it’s gone fast.

First, we sat in the Adirondacks (our backyard/mulch pile looks like garbage – more on that in a later post, I’m sure).


Then puttered (i.e.  weeded) in the garden.

Our garden, our garden….sigh.

We had such high hopes for a garden this year….I have waited so long to have one, and more than just a few pots of plants.  I was so excited to CHRONICLE it.

Here we are, nearly end of August, and short of a few measly baby peppers, nada.  (Thank you squirrels, for stripping us of those [only] four unripe tomatoes you ruthlessly stole from us.  David saw you do it.)

Weather has been against us all along, and I’ve read/seen articles attesting to the crummy temps and conditions.  (So perhaps we’re not just horrible gardeners, eh?  Eh?)  We planted everything the first weekend of June – probably a bit behind schedule.  But, hello??  That’s when it actually, FINALLY started to get warm….and as I think about it more, that was an excruciatingly HOT weekend.

Oh yes.  I know that because we ran a marathon in that first-Sunday-in-June-heat and it SUCKED.

Anyway – remorse for our garden.  We’ve tried.


sad squash

Hum. Sad squash non-bumper crop (most of what you see to the left are pepper plants).

pepper plants 8.24

Pepper plants - they're trying!


Tall tomato plants, but not much to show for them. 😦

Then DT started a smallish fire:


I’m sure you’re dying to know if we grilled to round out this little backyard evening.

We didn’t.

We ate leftovers.


As an aside….

I just love having the doors open – especially since we moved into this house – when it’s warm out.  It brings so much light and openness to the doors’ respective rooms.  It’s our SUMMER house.

front door

Front door

back door

Back door

Sir Milo is pooped from the Easy Night in the Backyard….and he never even made it outside.  (How on earth does he look so small and compact in this photo??!!).

pooped Milo

Goodnight, all!


3 Comments on “Savoring Summer….easy night in the backyard”

  1. It is indeeeeed chilly tonight and fall is peeking its head around the corner. It’s a beautiful head, might I add.

  2. Laura says:

    sounds just about perfect lee lee!

  3. yennilb says:

    Looks like a lovely night. Although sad about the garden. Next year! I wish our basil did better this year. I think it was the crazy heat and bouts of tons of rain that made it not take off like usual.

    I have about a thousand tomatoes and I would love to share:)

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