Torchlight 5k!

Last night was *perfect* for a 5k run!

Typically, Torchlight happens in July, but was rescheduled to both a later date and time due to extreme heat on the original day.  I didn’t initially register, but inherited a number from a certain Emily who couldn’t make the rescheduled date.

I parked my car and walked across the Hennepin Avenue bridge to meet my friends.

Hennepin Bridge 1

Beautiful river view!

Hennepin Avenue bridge 2

And another....

Grain Belt

Good ol' Grain Belt

As I neared the end of the bridge, I saw where the post-run party (and pre-run gathering) was taking place:

Torchlight party spot

Then strolled across the Boom-Nicollet Island pedestrian bridge (so pretty back there):

Boom-Nicollet Island ped bridge

Then I found my homies:

fab four

Nancy, Nate, Zeb, Jen

lady runners

Running gals

We scoped out the post-run food at the finish line:

finish line food

Racetime was nearing, so we headed toward the starting line.

Lien girls lace

Lien girls lace up.

And with a fun torchlight display of flames (which I did not capture on camera), we’re off!

Blurry Jen runs

Here's what Jennifer looks like when I try to take a picture of her running while I, too, am running.

Leigh-la, Nan run

Here's an attempt to capture a run with my BFF en route. We're blurry BFFs.

running course

Race course action shot.

What I have learned:  I would not be a fine sports photographer.

But we did it!  Run, done!

And for our efforts, we got two of these free:

MGD 64

I’m sorry, but yuck.  I took two sips of one of my freebies and called it done.  I must be a beer snob….I just can’t drink this.

We all must be beer snobs, because it was unanimous:  Must go find better beer elsewhere.

Cheers to that!

MGD 64 cheers

You can't see it well because it's cut off at the top - Nate is giving the MGD 64s an official "thumbs down."

So we walked down St. Anthony Main and parked ourselves on Pracna’s front patio.

Now, this is better beer….so we did a thumbs-up cheers:

Pracna beers

And we were happy.  So we stayed for a second round….and Zeb got chicken wings.

But then, the night became a bounty….giveaways.  Pracna’s patio is inches from where the finish line was, so as the Lifetime crew started cleaning up, they were cleaning out.

Achieved:  potato chips, yogurt, bananas.


Torchlight bounty

2011 Torchlight 5k was a total success, so much fun!

As an aside – some more beeyooteeful Thursday farmer’s market flowers from sweet DT to brighten our room:

FM flowers 8.26

Happy weekend!  🙂


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