Playin’ Hooky on Monday

Oy-yo-yoy!  What a day!

DT and I took yesterday off….again – another effort to salvage what’s left this summer. And, man.  What an unbelievable day!

And can I just say….I love having Mondays off.  It’s such a treat.  It’s such a getaway from something I normally quite frankly dread.  It extends the weekend and also knocks a day off the work week, namely the least-favorite day of the work week.  Diving into a Tuesday is soooo much more palatable than a Monday.

So we wanted to take advantage of playing hooky, and make it a FUN Monday.  Boy, did we.

DT and I started out with coffee treats from Angry Catfish Bicycle & Coffee Bar in southeast Minneapolis (not far from where we first lived when we were married….before the homestead).  We have a gift card burnin’ holes in pockets, so it was put to use.

Angry Catfish exterior

This was our first trip here – wish we’d taken better advantage of it when we lived in the ‘hood!

A full menu with lots of drinks to choose from.  But shoot, no pastries left on this morning.

Angry Catfish menu

Plenty of room to cozy up with a hot coffee by the fire or hang with your laptop:

Angry Catfish inside

Lots of bikes and bike STUFF!

AC bike shop 1

AC bike shop 2


We took our extra-hot chai (me) and mocha sans whipped cream (DT) to go and hit the road. 🙂

AC to-gos

AC wall

We hopped onto 52 south and drove about 40 minutes.  Our destination:  Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls, MN.

We soaked in a scenic drive after we got out of the 1

drive 2

drive 3

drive 4


Cannon Falls-bound!

happy travelers

Happy travelers!


Cannon Falls mile sign

Almost there....

Cannon Falls sign

Welcome to Cannon Falls!

We drove through town – down their quaint main drag….

CF main drag

….and here we are at the winery!

Cannon River outside

CRW window

The tasting room was really quite impressive….beautifully renovated in 2001 from what was once Lee Chevrolet back in the day.  Can you imagine – a car dealership turned winery?!  Cool!  The actual vineyard is about eight miles south of the Mill Street tasting room.

One of the gals working there got us started on a self-guided tour around the winery, so we meandered around a bit.

tasting room

CRW tasting bar

Tasting bar

oak barrels

A separate room for the oak barrels.

Lee Chevrolet

The history of Lee Chevrolet.

This pretty, dimly-lit dining room is used for parties and events.  It was actually the parts room for Lee Chevrolet – a little window (to the left) was used to pass parts to the floor.

dining room

Steel wine tanks….these puppies hold about 1,000 gallons of wine.  One gallon of wine is approximately five bottles.

steel wine tanks



Onto the tasting.

We paid $7 each and sampled all of their available wines (19 in yesterday’s instance).  We started with the whites – driest to sweetest – to ice wine (oy!).   I put a star next to the West 7th White on my tasting menu (and later bought a bottle to bring home).  This wine is the house white for Mancini’s Char House in St. Paul.

white toast

White toast!

Next, the blushes – only three of these to try.  My fave was Rosella (which I also bought a bottle to bring home).

blush toast

Blush toast!

Then onto the reds, DT’s favorite.  Our unanimous pick out of this bunch was the Mancini’s Levee Red – also served at Mancini’s as the house red (and yes – a bottle of this also came home with us 😉 ).

red toast

Red toast!

I’m so glad we tasted all of their wines!  There was such a variety of flavors and aromas….we definitely had favorites and some that made us pucker or make a funny face, but it was great to experience the array of their wines.  Dry, sweet, semi-sweet, apple wine, honey mead, ice wine, port….we were all over the wine spectrum and it was fabulous.

How much more relaxing an afternoon can you get?  Not very, I say.

DT and me

After we made our purchases, we wandered around the main street for a while, then decided it was time to head toward home.

Goodbye, Cannon River Winery!  We’ll most definitely be back!  (We’re already plotting a visit during the cold winter months when we can hunker down and drink red vino to stay warm.)

CRW wall

We ran into traffic on the way back, so decided to take a detour (not necessarily in the direction of home) to Sea Salt for some patio time and a late lunch.

It was SUCH a beautiful afternoon – and for the first time EVER, the line for food at Sea Salt wasn’t totally and completely insane.  (Note:  go there on a Monday around 4:00 and you’re pretty much set.)

Sea Salt menu

What to eat??

I ordered the veggie tacos and David got the fish sandwich.  With a glass of white and red, respectively.

We enjoyed the patio while our food was prepared.

Sea Salt DT

Lunch is served:

Sea Salt lunch


fish sandwich

Maybe a bigger bun?

Our table got very quiet.  And not too very long after our food was served, our plates looked like this:

lunch done

Clean plate club.

Now it’s really time to head home.

But one more photo by the falls to sign off on our our super fun, slightly adventurous, delicious food and drink-induced day.

I want to take EVERY Monday off to play!

DT & L - Sea Salt


2 Comments on “Playin’ Hooky on Monday”

  1. yennilb says:

    Looks like a great Monday! And Sea Salt is one of my favorite places to eat, especially in the summer!

  2. […] My birthday gift from him was a road trip to Cannon Falls this weekend.  Remember when we had this fun Monday last summer?  We had such a blast that day and vowed to come back when we could spend more time […]

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