The Honeys-Do list

Fellow homeowners, unite.

Buying and owning a house equates to a pretty much endless list of projects and to-dos.  DT and I moved into our house November 30, 2010 – now nine months in, we’ve worked our buns off.  Honestly, the house looks so different – I wonder what the former owners would say if they stopped by.  I think they’d be surprised!

Thankfully (and knock on wood), our house hasn’t really required any structural updates – most we’ve been able to do ourselves, and has been cosmetically related.  For example:

  • We painted the entire main level (except the bathroom), including ceilings (not hallway) and trim.  Hot pink and neon green rooms eradicated.  Yeeeeehaw.
  • The second ghetto-looking satellite dish was removed from roof as soon as the snow and ice melted this spring.
  • We removed the ugly, falling-apart chain link fence, and subsequent removal of fence posts along the driveway.
  • We added new plants in the front and north-facing planters:

front planter greens

front hostas

  • The backyard planter cleared out and a vegetable garden planted.  (“Vegetable garden.”  or “Space with plants that are not producing a bountiful harvest.  At all.”)


red pepper 8.21

HOWEVER. We picked this little gem the week before last. That’s all we got.

tomato 8.31

Oh, and this lonely tomato.

  • The half-assed attempt at a backyard patio (i.e. pavers that were crumbling and sunken into the ground – also haphazardly strewn and crumbling along the back of the house) was removed.

Yes, we’ve been busy.  I wish I would have taken more before and after photos, but alas.  I didn’t.  We’ll just have to use our imaginations, I guess.

So we have those accomplishments listed above – some projects that have been fun, some miserable, some NEVER.  ENDING.  Some STILL.  GOING.  (Uggghhh.  Sigh.)

There are the unexpected little surprises we’ve encountered:

  • The garbage disposal died.  It was gross anyway.
  • After the first 90++ degree day in June, learning that the air conditioner did not work.  Oy.  Thank goodness we have a cool basement that saved us some sleepless nights in the heat.  So this was our prize:


    You can't stop a Trane.

  • The gigantic Oak tree in our backyard was removed.  And yes, that was a surprise.  Why, you ask?  No, it didn’t blow down in a storm.  No, the squirrels didn’t eat it.  No, a bear didn’t come and rip it down.  The moron we got an estimate from took the tree OUT.  While we were still NEGOTIATING.  GAAAAAHHHHHHHH.  Hum, well.  Long story.  At least we got this:
stacked firewood


Which came from this:

wood pile

We’ve come a long way, but there’s still “always something.”

And so – here is our Honeys-Do List (DT is going to be soooo happy to hear this.  Again.  Sorry Honey.  😉 ):

  1. Finish touch-up in kitchen (ongoing since April, help me)
  2. Touch up ceiling paint marks in dining room (I noticed this a few weeks ago, the way Milo finds a rogue fly in the house….now it’s driving me CRAZY)
  3. Paint hallway ceiling (we wouldn’t need to do this if not for the fancy new light we put up that didn’t completely cover up the hole from the old one.  And so with one project, another begins….)
  4. Finish repainting front door (another ongoing ordeal – how can that be with a door?!)
  5. Touch up around front door frame outside – need to match exterior paint
  6. Furnish walls with paintings and such
  7. Rip out chain link fence along the back of yard
  8. Clean out dog kennel behind the garage
  9. Rip out dog kennel chain link fence upon cleaning out
  10. Clean out/organize the garage (DT has made great progress on this – ONE thing checked off!)
  11. Paint outside trim (this is totally DT’s – and only because he VOLUNTEERED, crazy dude.)
  12. Clean out window wells – yesh, crud
  13. Curtain for downstairs bedroom – also hem dining room curtains (this is clearly mine)
  14. Clean upstairs fireplace brick
  15. Refinish front and back steps – the concrete on both is looking pretty craggy
  16. Front and back lawns:  make them look NICE.  Full, lush, GREEN.  The backyard was destroyed this summer with the fence and tree removals – but we gotta get it looking pretty.  Next year is probably more reasonable for this to happen.
  17. Repaint family room (basement) walls and ceiling (maybe next winter?) – bathroom too.
  18. Build patio (next summer’s *BIG* project)

So that’s about it!  😉

Ahhhh, well.  It’s the homestead, and I know we’ll continue growing and changing it, and it will become more and more ours.   We’re invested – in more ways than one.


One Comment on “The Honeys-Do list”

  1. Although I don’t have a house of my own, my to-do list as it relates to housekeeping is forever long. I think it’s good to get things in order and celebrate accomplishments and keep track of what needs to be done, but I don’t think the list will ever be finished or empty and this is a good thing. It’s all about changing and growing; happy homesteading!

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