Labor Day weekend 2011: Lake Harriet and Lowbrow

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day weekend!  Where did the summer go??

Our weekend started here….a post-work toast on the front porch (a Mojito for me, Redbull-vodka for DT):

weekend toast

A while later we pulled our bikes out of the garage, pumped up the tires, packed a backpack of supplies, and rode on over to the Lake Harriet band shell (a little over three miles from our house).  The band shell is a summertime hotspot in Minneapolis.  Families and friends gather for nightly concerts and movies against the backdrop of a gorgeous lake.

It so happened that our brother-in-law’s band, Tom, Dick, and Harry, had a gig there last night.  We met up with David’s sister Jill, their kids, and our friends Rick and Heidi to watch the show.

bandshell 1

bandshell 2

Lakeside view of the band shell.


Tom, Dick, and Harry

band shell toast

Cheers at the band shell!

It was an amazing evening to sit outside, listen to tunes, chat with friends, and this for scenery:

lake 1

lake 2

lake 3


DT, Rick, and Heidi

DT and L

DT and me

Before we knew it, the sun had set and we were in the dark.

dark bandshell

After the show ended, we made plans to meet up at the Lowbrow, a cozy neighborhood spot at 44th and Nicollet in Minneapolis.  David and I hadn’t even heard of it….what a great new place to discover!  (It opened earlier this year.)

It is a dimly-lit space, with a colorful out-in-the-woods mural on one wall and a funky mishmash-collage of posters and drawings on another.  Candles warmed each table.

Lowbrow 1

Lowbrow wall 1

Lowbrow wall 2

House on fire on the hill!

Lowbrow wall 3

Lowbrow collage

The bathroom signs reflected in a mirror on the doors across the hallway.  Took me a minute to figure that out, but how cool!?



Lowbrow toast

Lowbrow toast

Lowbrow table

DT, Heidi, Rick

Lowbrow group

Heidi, Rick, me, Jill

The Lowbrow’s menu is comfort food meets bar fare, but with some twists:  deviled eggs for a snack, for example.  And a mission to use locally-grown, organic ingredients.  I like that.  Vegetarian-friendly, too.  I really like that.

We ordered a late dinner – I chose the pinto and quinoa veggie burger, DT and Rick the pulled pork sandwich, and Heidi a burger.

But then I did the thing where I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take photos of the food when it arrived.  So I don’t have any.  Just imagine how good it was….because it was YUM.  Highly recommend Lowbrow.

More fun awaits today….DT’s beloved Iowa Hawkeyes start their season and another winery with my mum and pop!

Enjoy this sunny Saturday!


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