Labor Day weekend 2011: Monday at Peoples Organic Cafe

For the record, Labor Day weekend 2011:  Sunday = nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Other than a peach delivery from my parents and a visit from DT’s mom and aunt, we were pretty worthless.

We picked it up today a tad with a run this morning and lunch at Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe in the Galleria – about five minutes from our house.  We had a $30 Groupon to use at the French Meadow Bakery’s sister restaurant in the ‘burbs.

Peoples outside

mall entrance

Galleria entrance

inside 1

The dining room was cool and modern – I liked the purple and grassy-green color scheme.

bar 1

Peoples bar

inside 2

bar 2

The menu was a little overwhelming – their specials only added to the indecision.  They also had some mighty-fine looking baked goods.


It’s cafeteria-style ordering.  DT opted for the turkey and bacon ciabatta and a Surly Furious, I chose the lentil burger special and a Pinot Grigio.

We found a spot on the patio.


On Peoples Cafe patio.

And after a while, lunch was brought to our table.


I loved the mixed green salad….the dressing had a ginger tang that was delicious.

The lentil burger was….interesting.  It was good, just didn’t have a ton of flavor, and the flavor it did have was a little strange – almost sweet.  It was topped with white cheddar, yellow peppers, and pickles.  I cut it in half, but even tackling a side at a time, the burger fell apart immediately.  Fork definitely required.

DT reports on his choice:  for a sandwich with turkey, bacon and cheese, on a crusty roll – very tasty.  All ingredients were done just right, and worked well together.

meal gone

Damage done.

We both agreed that our meals weren’t of double-digit-cost-caliber – maybe more in the $7-8 range.  The Groupon helped offset; if we hadn’t had that, we probably would have thought twice about paying $10 or $11 for what we ended up getting.

It was still fun to try a new place, and so close to our house.  Groupons have been a great way to introduce us to spots we wouldn’t have otherwise tried or known about.  We’ll likely be back to Peoples….but we’ll stick with drinks and maybe an app or cuppa soup.  I could see it being a cozy space in the winter months.

We’re off to take a stroll around the neighborhood.  Hope your Labor Day weekend has been wonderful!


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