Tuesday grill with Tomato Pasta Salad

DT and I went for a run after work yesterday….today too, actually (an activity we’re trying to do together while the weather is still fair).

When we run, we like to talk about food….especially on long runs, we talk about gorging on pizza or lasagna or pancakes or cinnamon rolls or something equally rich and satisfying.  And in our minds, so freaking deserved after a tough workout.

But this was a little run.  Still, it was the perfect time to have the “Thoughts on dinner?” conversation* – to make the time pass, ya know.  It usually goes like this:

Me or him:  Did you have any thoughts on dinner?

Me or him:  No, not really.  You?

Me or him:  No, not really.


Me or him:  Maybe just do a ‘Dilla or something?

Me or him:  Okay.

*My hope is that someday we will get so organized that we’ll actually plan our meals for the week.  Even just a few of them.

I know, I know.  NUTTY.  Could happen.

We landed on grilling during our run, so at least a little attempt at creativity.

DT thawed some chicken, so I set to work on one of my favorite grilling sides:  garlicky tomato pasta salad.  Ahhhhh-YUM-O.

tomato pasta ingredients

The grape tomatoes are washed and dropped into a pan with olive oil and oodles (about, “about” two tablespoons) of minced garlic.  Heat ’em up.


Meanwhile, I’ve boiled some water for the tortelloni:


The tomatoes and garlic continue to cook down – the tomatoes are poppin!

I picked some fresh basil and oregano from our sparse garden.


Chopped, and added to the glorious sauce-like mixture that is heating up (along with cracked black pepper – obvi!).

cooking tomatoes with herbs

And before not-too-long, the sauce is amazing and enticing like this:

cooking tomatoes/sauce

Then added to the tortelloni….

tomato pasta salad - unmixed

Time to grill!

DT’s chicken breasts have been marinading patiently.

marinading chicken

And now, the fire:


A lone veggie burger para mi to the left.

When the meat/”meat” was ready, we headed inside.

The pasta had cooled, so I added a smallish handful of Italian-blend shredded cheese.

pasta - all done!


Dinner is served!

The texture of the tortelloni is perfect with the tomatoes and garlic – just enough “sauce” with the pasta to add a ton of flavor but not drown.

FYI, we had the “Thoughts on dinner?” conversation again tonight (not during the run this time).  We’re settling on a regular default in this house, FAJITAS.  Oh well.  Still will be tasty.

Hope you’re having a great week!


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