Sunday Pot Roast Post

Well the pot roast wasn’t for me, sillies!

DT’s mum came over for dinner last night, so he dusted off the crock pot (it’s that time of year again!) and set to work early yesterday morning to get the roast a-cookin’.

I know nothing about pot roasts.

pot roast ingredients

First, the hunka meat, oodles of garlic, and a healthy dose of seasonings go down in the pot:

pot roast

Then veggies were peeled, chopped, and tossed on top of the roast.

pot roast veggie prep

crockpot of veggies

DT also added beef broth, Worcestershire, and maybe some other things I can’t remember.

Now, cook cook cook away, little pot roast and veggies.

Meanwhile, I had to come up with an alternate main course for the sole vegetarian at the table, moi.  Flyin’ solo.

I decided on an abbreviated version of eggplant Parmesan.

I am so mad.  I took a picture of this eggplant when it was flawless, smooth, oh-so-fresh from the farmer’s market….seriously, it was the most beautiful eggplant I’ve ever seen.  But now I can’t find it, the eggplant has been sitting in the fridge for over a week, is blemished, a little wrinkly and needs to be used.  So this is the photo of the now-sad-looking produce.  It looks like a maimed purple whale.


I started out by slicing the eggplant into wheel-shaped pieces, then cut the circles in half (I ended up using only about half of the ‘plant – the rest was frozen for later use).  I lined them up in a pan already drizzled with olive oil and browned both sides.

eggplant in pan

browned eggplant

I topped each slice with a spoonful of store-bought marinara sauce, then shredded mozzarella cheese (ahem, reduced fat) and left on low heat until the sauce warmed and the cheese melted ooey-gooey.

eggplant with sauce

eggplant with sauce and cheese

(I tried to make DT and his mom jealous with my delicious eggplant dish, but somehow they just weren’t buyin’ it.  Pot roast?  Eggplant?  Meh?  [Hand/arm gesture like you are weighing two things and the pot roast choice in one of your hands is much, MUCH heavier.])  😉

I have to admit the house smelled pretty gosh-darn-good as the roast and veggies cooked all day.  Meat.  And garlic.  I like 50% of those things.  I even caught a couple of garlic whiffs coming through the window while I was sitting outside.  Strong stuff!

cooked veggies

The roast and veggies were in the crock pot for about 10 hours, yikes!

David’s mom brought over a few sides to accompany our respective main dishes:  Cheesy shredded potatoes (so I could get in on some spuds), Caesar salad, loaf of French bread, and fresh fruit.

So here’s my plate with the eggplant and cheesy potatoes:

my plate

I snapped pretty much the worst photo of DT’s plate of roast beast because he was rushing me because all he wanted to do was sit down to the table and stuff his face.  Pffftt.

pot roast plate

Countdown to FOO:  2 days.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Countdown til Spicyland takes Boston/Cape Cod:  5 days.  More weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Happy Monday!


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