Dave Grohl visited me last night.  We had some catching up to do.  He liked the new place.

Ahem, errmm.  I mean.

Foo Fighters concert last night….a.k.a. the night my poor nearly-nine-year-old stepson’s eardrums were rocked off.

But for very good reason.

Also the night I LOST.  My MIND.

Oh, oh, where to start.  At Great Waters Brewing Co., perhaps, for some beers – and a lemonade for Sam.

DT and Sam

DT and son

GW beer menu

GW pint

I'll take the Saint Peter Pale Ale, please?

We met up with my brother and his lovely lady friend….Foo fans united pre-show.

Pre-Foo, D and Allison

GW growlers

Uncle Dustin and Sam had a deep talk.

D, Sam 1

Then they got PSYCHED:

D, Sam psyched

It was SHOW time.  We headed toward the Xcel.

Then we arrived.

So our seats.  Section 102, row 6 – seats 1, um, 2, um, 3.

Umm.  Not too horribly shabby for a sold out show.  Umm.  Kinda close to the stage.

Sam waits

Sam anxiously awaits.



Foo! Foo! Foo!


An homage, please (take a moment):

Dave 1


Dave 2


Dave 3


Dave 4


****Snapping out of Twilight Zone****

DT, Sam Foo

Sam, me

Sam took a little hiatus, but rallied in the end:

Sam down

And look!  Brother and his lady, just down row 6!

D, Allison show

Ahhhh-MAY-zing show.  They played for over 2 1/2 hours.  Plus some covers.  Plus Jessy Greene!  Plus FOO!  Plus Dave!


Foo Fighters!  Sigh.  I’m pooped.


One Comment on “FOO!”

  1. yennilb says:

    Love this post! The pictures are awesome. And your story-telling. 🙂

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