Post-Vacay Blues….

View from P-Town Inn

View from our room at the Provincetown Inn

Ohhhhh….why, oh why do vacations have to be so GOOD that it’s such a big, fat BUMMER when they’re over???

If anyone could please advise on a cure for post-vacation blues, I’d be thrilled to hear it.  So far all I have is to plan another one.  Which helps.  Sort of.

Do you do the thing after a fabulous trip where you think, “A week ago we were doing this…..” or “A week ago we were only on day two!”  Arrrrrrggguuuwwaahh, torture.  Merciless torture.

So I’m sifting through the away-for-eight-days cobwebs today.  Going back to work is one thing….a pile of emails to read and organize, catch up with coworkers on what happened or didn’t happen last week, and just generally get back into the grind.  Grind, grind, grind.  There couldn’t be a more perfect word for what it actually is.

Then the catch-up at home:  unpack, wash the heaps of laundry that have accumulated, read mail, hit the grocery store for a very depleted kitchen, love the angry, abandoned kitties who are just waiting for you to sit down so they can Velcro themselves all over you….la, la, la.

This post is taking such a melancholy tone, I need to focus on the awesomeness of the week we just had.

Because Boston and Cape Cod were so.  Much.  FUN!!  FUN!!

(**Starting post over with lighter, non-blues-ridden tone**)

This trip has been on DT’s and my Bucket List for some time now and we finally made good on it.  Boy, did we ever.  I feel like we had the perfect mix of “see and do as much as humanly possible” with plenty of R&R.

I actually started a post last Sunday and got about a sentence written before we took off to explore the crazy inn where we were staying (think a little bit Broadway Pizza in NE Minneapolis plopped into the Overlook from The Shining.  Cape Cod style.  Eeep.).  We just kept going and going – it was hard to wrap my head around everything and reflect in writing while we were away.  To say nothing of the hundreds of photos we took….ack!  That’s a beast I need to tackle this week.  I scolded myself a number of times for not finding a blogging frame of mind, but I also knew I needed to embrace our little New England journey and just be in the moment.

And so, we’re back.

With my bluesy mood comes a grain of salt:  it really is good to be home.  The planning, excitement, and anticipation of an upcoming trip are such a thrill, but as travels near the end, there is the sadness for it being over combined with a lust for your own bed.  A home-cooked meal.  Not having to take a cab everywhere.  A familiar city.  Not feeling lost at every turn.  And strangely, a routine.

I’ll put my blogging cap back on this week and tell (and show) you our Boston/Cape Cod adventure….stay tuned!


One Comment on “Post-Vacay Blues….”

  1. lolabees says:

    Def agree with all you said: always a bummer to come home, and the best cure is to plan a new trip– soon! I can never write while I’m on my vacation, but the bonus is that if I wait ’til I get home, it’s like I’m doing the trip all over again. Just got back from Cape Cod myself, but still catching up on old trips!

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