Spicyland takes Cape Cod (Part 1: Hyannis)

Let’s start at the very beginning….a very good place to start!

The first day of a vacation is always so *exciting*!

We had a 6 am flight that Saturday, so we went to bed early, knowing the alarm wouldn’t be too far off.  Even still – sleep was fitful….filled with anticipation and fear of oversleeping (which we’ve successfully done before).

4 am:  Up and at ’em!  Vacation is here, Boston and the Cape await!  (Wherein the hazy scramble to get dressed, feed los gatos, say adios to los gatos, gather suitcases and backpacks, leave a light on, lock the house up, and finally catch a cab ensues….all in the comfortable time frame of 20 minutes.)

Arrive at the airport.  Check in, check bags, security, yadayadayada.  Wait to board plane.  Small problem:  I seem to have lost my driver’s license somewhere between check-in and the gate.  Sh!t!!  Another frantic scramble, and this time far less hazy….we retraced our steps back to security where a guard toyed with my heart and soul.  He could see that we were very clearly hunting for something, and he very clearly had what I was hunting for.  However, he was in no hurry to disclose this very important information.  I feel a bit used….he was obviously quite entertained by our panic.

Anyway, I didn’t know what on earth he was asking about a credit card for, well duh.  He wanted to verify my name.  Then he quizzed me with my address.  OMGjustgivememyfreakingIDpleaseIreallyneeditforthistrip!!!!

He did.

We hopped on a plane (ID and all!) and had a quick ride to Chicago.  Where we had the fortunate opportunity for a four-hour layover at O’Hare.  Awesome.

Well, what do you do at 8 am on a Saturday, your first day of vacation, and you’re stuck at the airport for four hours?

That’s right:

O'Hare screwdrivers

You sure do.

How quickly four hours can go by!

As far as airports go, O’Hare isn’t too shabby a place to be stranded.

DT O'Hare

LAT O'Hare

O'Hare plane

plane info

Now for the second leg of our flying journey.

Lake Michigan

Hello Lake Michigan!

Before we knew it (and after a quick cat nap for both of us), hellllloooooooooo BOSTON!
Boston 1

We couldn’t have flown in on a more clear, picturesque day.

Boston 2

We gathered our luggage, picked up the rental car, and off to the Cape we went.

We spent the first night in Hyannis.

Hyannis sign

Welcome to Hyannis!

Hyannis is a great little Cape town with a quaint main street and a hoppin’ nightlife.  Obviously, we had to experience both.  😉

Here’s a little tour down their main drag:


Cape Cod Times


post office

Hyannis Post Office

JFK museum

JFK Museum



Hyannis Public Library....I would LOVE to go there and borrow books!

And now, a look during the nighttime:

church at night

DT and me in Hyannis

Cheers in Hyannis!

pumpkin beer

Pumpkin beer with cinnamon and sugar on the rim....yuuummm....

British Beer Co. bar

British Beer Co. Where beer is our middle name.

Sigh.  And that was only our first night!

We’re only just beginning!


2 Comments on “Spicyland takes Cape Cod (Part 1: Hyannis)”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Great post, looks like so much fun!!

  2. Two things:

    1. Your lip color is amazing.
    2. I need that beer. Or at least A pumpkin beer with a cinna-sugar rim.

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