Spicyland takes Cape Cod (Part 2/Day 2: Yarmouth and Provincetown)

The second day of our trip was….our second anniversary!  (Awwwww.)  😉

We wanted to make the most of the day so got up and at ’em relatively early….a drive to Provincetown awaited and we wanted to see some sights on the way.

We took one last stroll down the main street of Hyannis, grabbed a coffee, and hit the road.

It was a beeeeeYOOteeful Cape Cod, anniversary day.  Just perfect to drive and explore!

We stopped off in the little town of Yarmouth.

Yarmouth sign

Welcome to Yarmouth!

We happened upon the appropriately named Ancient Cemetery and took a look around.

cemetery 1

cemetery 2

grave 2


grave 1

Love this

grave 3

Father, Mother

grave 4

public tomb

Public tomb (this pic turned out blurry and crummy)

public tomb sign

Then we made our way to Millway Beach….holy buckets, did it feel like we were on the east coast.  Absolutely breathtaking.

Millway Beach 1

DT and me on the beach

Beachy anniversary!

sandy toes

Sandy toes

DT and crabs

DT found some horseshoe crab remains

crab 1

beach, marina

After the beach, we found Yarmouth’s little downtown.  OH-SO-Cape-Cod.  So tidy, so stunning, so quaint. (I think I’ll be using the word “quaint” to describe a lot of Cape Cod.)  🙂

Yarmouth street


Engravings in the sidewalk bricks....very cool.

court house

Barnstable County Court House....a little bit ominous!

courthouse steps

The pillars are massive!

Now to the Barnstable Inn Restaurant and Tavern to do a little mid-day anniversary toast.  What a great find!

Barnstable Inn Tavern and Restaurant

Ugh, another blurry photo! Grrrr 😦

Barnstable beer

DT and me, Barnstable Inn

We could have grown roots there, but we had to forge ahead.


Provincetown sign


Ptown streets

Such narrow streets!

Our first order of business was [a very] late lunch at George’s Pizza.  We just needed a little somethin’-somethin’ in our stomachs to tide us over until dinnertime.

George's Pizza

DT at George's

George's patio

George's patio

view from George's patio

View from George's patio - ahhh!

We explored Commercial Street, Ptown’s main street.

Ptown Town Hall

Provincetown Town Hall - gorgeous!

Ptown town hall 2

Ptown library

Provincetown library (exterior under construction) - immaculate!

I stepped into a specialty pet gift/supply store and couldn’t help but take this photo:

greyhound sign

I know a few spoiled greyhounds! 🙂

What a fun, lively, and crowded street.  It was hard to tell the visitors from the locals – but everyone was in such great spirits and just happy to be out, roaming the street.

The pizza was delish and satisfying, but I needed some Anniversary Ice Cream.  Or, Anniversary Gelato, as it turns out.  (Notice how I capitalize my holiday meals, heehee.)  I deserve Anniversary Gelato, I insist!

So DT treated his bride at the Purple Feather, where I ordered the Oreo gelato.




Purple Feather sign

Oreo gelato

yuuummm gelato

The Bride loves her gelato.

So then.  We ate our anniversary dinner at Mayflower Cafe.  Very diner-esque, but cozy; great food and service.

DT ordered da lobbbster….I had the cheese Manicotti.

I’ve never watched DT tear apart a lobster for dinner before.  Hmmmm.

Prep materials:

lobster prep materials


Poor little lobster about to be ripped apart and eaten.

DT and his lobster claw

DT and his lobster claw

DT's lobster 2

DT lobster 3

DT lobster 3

lobster tail

Lobster tail meat


The remnants

Oh….and here’s my little Mana-GOT:


Cheesy YUM!

DT and me, anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us!

**Very full from dinner**

After dinner, we headed to the Provincetown Inn, our residence for the next two nights.

We had a beautiful, balcony, sea-facing room.

Once we’d unloaded and unpacked, we did a little exploring.  It seems this inn has some of the Overlook from The Shining in it (or so it might appear).  DUM-DUM-DUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!

I mean, seriously….red rum anyone?

Ptown Inn/Overlook hallway

Eeep! Where are the twin girls waiting for Danny?

Ptown common room

A little bit Overlook maybe??

Ptown Inn fireplace

We hunkered down with a drink by the fire for a while….ahhh, to be back in the Overlook with Jack Torrance!  😉  All work and no play….

I would describe the inn to anyone as a combination of the Overlook with the NE Minneapolis Broadway pizza.  I know, huh?  Strange.  A little eccentric, a little bit outdated, a lot of personality….but an amazing location (and view) right on the Cape.

We cracked a bottle of Champagne, and what do you know, day two had come to an end.


Cheers, two years!

One more day in Provincetown to report….then on to Boston.



4 Comments on “Spicyland takes Cape Cod (Part 2/Day 2: Yarmouth and Provincetown)”

  1. yennilb says:

    What a lovely anniversary day! (and I must get that greyhound mat for us! 🙂

  2. yennilb says:

    p.s. the lobster looks soooo delicious!

  3. I want to go to there.

  4. […] of all, DT broke a pint glass Tuesday night from our lovely trip to Cape Cod last fall.  Ugh, sad.  I have kindly requested that he use plastic cups from now on, he’s […]

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