Spicyland takes Cape Cod: Part 3 (Provincetown and Martha’s Vineyard)

We awoke to this view our first morning in Provincetown:

view from room at Ptown Inn

I mean, really.  If you saw this every morning, how could you ever be grumpy to face the day??  I think I would be a perpetually happy person by the sea.

After breakfast we went out to explore the beach outside the inn.

Ptown Inn beach 1

Ptown Inn beach 2

Ptown Inn beach 3

View of downtown Ptown from the inn

We took a walk down the breakwall.

breakwall 1

View back to shore:

breakwall 2

Now, to spend the day in downtown Ptown!

And a lovely day it is.

As we walked, here are some houses we saw.  Sigh.  Sigh.  Sigh.

Ptown house 1

Ptown house 2

Ptown patio

Inspiration for our patio next year....

Why isn’t our house on this block?!  Why don’t I live here??


David’s quest for a lobster roll is fulfilled, courtesy of the Burger Queen:

lobster roll

DT and his lobster roll

A serious, but happy man with his lobster roll.

I had a biga$$ burrito from Big Daddy’s Burritos.

bigass burrito

Our tummies were full and ready to stroll Commercial Street.

First to the Way Down Town’s patio, and their pomegranate Mojito for DT and white wine for me.  A beautiful beach view.

Way Down Town drinks

Way Down Town beach view

The sea, the sea!

Then to Patio’s patio for some refreshing and aesthetically-pleasing Mojitos.  The orig for me, and watermelon for DT.  So pretty!  This was such a fun place – I loved sitting outside, but the restaurant inside was so chic and beachy.  I’d love to dine inside if it was a breezy night (on our next trip!).

Patio's mojitos

DT and me at Patio

We stumbled upon the Underground.  And that was pretty much where we had some drinks, played some music on the jukebox, and rounded out the night.  Aaaaaand….our camera is apparently a pile of doody because none of those photos turned out.  So, no matter.

Well, this one, kind of:

DT and me, Underground

Anyway, now it’s Tuesday and we had to depart my beloved Ptown.  😦  I wept, I cried, I begged for more time.  Not really….but yes, a little.  I loved Provincetown!

There was still lots of vacation left, but gosh.  The first leg was just.  So.  AWWWESSSSOME!  How could you top it??  (Well, we didn’t really top it – but dangit, we definitely met it with flying colors.  On a more Boston-urban level.)

Onward.  Dry your tears.

Our mission on the way back to Boston was to hit Martha’s Vineyard.  We stopped in Falmouth on the way for a pizza lunch at Stone L’oven Pizza Co.  We ordered a large with banana peppers.  And it was GOOD.  The crust was thin-ish and perfectly cooked; the sauce had some zip.

Stone L'oven pizza

Stone L'oven slice

Stone L'oven box


Now, to catch the ferry.

DT on the ferry

ferry 1

ferry 2

ferry 3

Here we are – into the harbor!

Vineyard harbor 1

Vineyard harbor 2

First things first – Vineyard Haven’s Main Street.

Vineyard Haven street sign

Vineyard Haven Main Street

We quickly made ourselves at home at Bunch of Grapes bookstore.

Bunch of Grapes

And, well.  I required ice cream.  Or frozen yogurt, as it were.  Helllloooo Mad Martha’s.

Mad Martha's

Chocolate peanut butter for DT, Oreo for me (a double scoop, thank you).

Mad Martha's dishes

I ate my Oreo frozen yogurt happily on the beach.

beach yogurt

frozen yogurt happy

We caught the 4:00 ferry back.  On our way, we stopped at the infamous Christmas Tree ShopWHY isn’t there one of these in Minnesota??  I could so easily decorate our home for fall with about 100 of their offerings.

Christmas Tree Shop 1

Christmas Tree Shop 2

It's like a Hansel and Gretel cottage!

Up next….BOSTON!


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