Spicyland takes Boston (Part 1)

Goodbye Cape, hellllooooo big city.

We rolled into Boston around 7:00 Tuesday night.  It was immediately apparent that parking, and traffic, was a nightmare.  Some crazy drivers in this town!  It didn’t help that there was a Red Sox game not far from our hotel.

We stayed at the Sheraton Boston – a beautiful (massive) hotel, conveniently and centrally located for our visit.  We got to our room, started unpacking, then realized – the room smelled (STANK) like stale smoke.  Hmmm.  Five nights in stale smoke?  Not ideal.  I called down to guest services to see if there was another room available, and whaddaya know.  Not only on the 18th floor (up from the 6th) – but a SUITE!  UuuuuuuuPGRADE!

Sheraton suite

After we unpacked in our, ahem, suite, we hit Boylston Street.  We ate a late dinner at The Pour House.  DT got a GINORMOUS plate of wings (24 in fact!), I opted for the veggie wrap.

DT hot sauces

Psycho hot sauce guy!

Pour House wings

Pour House veggie wrap

DT Pour House
Wing damage:

wing demise

Not much of a dent?  I think the wings won this one.

Pour House leftovers


The next day, while we still had the car, we took a drive to Cambridge and strolled around Harvard.  What a beautiful campus – so old and so much brick – and I could just feel smart people all around me.  I could have spent hours in their bookstore.

It was at this point that I finally realized how much our camera sucks, so the pictures I took here are crap, as it turns out.  Boo.  I did, however, get this one and I think it sums up Harvard pretty well:

Harvard entry

"Enter to grow in wisdom"

(This was at the entrance across the street from the bookstore.)

We took the car back to the airport, caught a shuttle back to our hotel, and set out for LUNCH.

Since we covered a fair amount of ground on Boylston the night before, we decided to walk down Newbury Street.  Newbury is filled with stores, restaurants, patios, and gorgeous brick row houses.  We walked as far as we could go – to the gates of the public garden, then turned around and walked down the other side of the street.

We chose Sonsie for our mid-day meal.  DT ordered the crab salad sandwich, mine had tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, fresh mozz, and pesto.  A few of my favorite things!  The meal was delicious and the restaurant was lovely, light, and airy.

crab salad sandwich

Sonsie crab salad sandwich with homemade chips

Sonsie veggie sandwich

Afterward, we decided to head back to the hotel and get a little R&R before setting out for….the Red Sox game!….later that evening.  I napped, David watched Breaking Bad on the laptop.

We rallied after our laze around 5:30, got ready, then headed toward Fenway – about a 15 minute walk from our hotel.  Red Sox fans were there in droves….big game that night!

We had a pre-game beer (or two) at The Baseball Tavern, right across the street from Fenway.  Fantastic rooftop patio view!

DT and me, Baseball Tavern

Game time!

Fenway 1

Fenway 2

Fenway 3

It was an amazing night to be outside watching baseball….in a really old stadium.  A really cool old stadium.
DT and me, Fenway

Fenway 4

DT and me, Fenway 2

Tough night to be a Red Sox fan, though.  They lost 6-4.

Like water off a duck’s back for us Twins fans, however.  😉

We were looking for dinner (read:  pizza) suggestions, so we stopped off at a nearby fire station (about a block from our hotel).  I made friends and we got the final word on pizza according these guys:  Little Steve’s.

me and the firefighters after the game

Little Steve's 1

Little Steve's 2

We gingerly walked our cheese and garlic pie back to our suite and dined.  And then, to bed!
Little Steve's garlic and cheese

A busy, full day was had and another one was ahead!  (Hey, I rhymed right there!)  🙂


One Comment on “Spicyland takes Boston (Part 1)”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Love reading your blog, but it always makes me hungry!!

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