Spicyland takes Boston (Part 3)

Friday turned out to be a rainy and dreary day, so we stuck pretty close to the hotel and didn’t get out much.  Except to acquire food and drink.

Before the rain hit, we ventured out for lunch and happened upon a lovely Italian establishment on Newbury Street, Bottega Fiorentina.  We opted to sit on their pretty patio, never mind the overcast day (and raindrops toward the end of our meal).

And holy buckets, what a meal it was.  We probably wouldn’t have needed dinner later on – but we still got it.  😉

bread and oil

Bread with yummy seasoned oil

I ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana (Melanzana Parmigiana) and DT selected the Chicken Milanese (Pollo Milanese).

Eggplant parmesan


DT's sandwich


The sandwiches were huge.  *HUGE*  I should have taken leftovers back, but I didn’t.  I just couldn’t.  I kept going….like Woman vs. Food.  It was so superbly delicious!

But then I was so.  FULL.

Back to the hotel to veg out and digest.

By now the rain was there to stay for the day.

We livened up a bit later in the afternoon, did a little happy-houring in the room, then set out for some rainy Boston nightlife.  We had a drink at Charley’s on Newbury.  Our bartender was a cool guy with a thick Boston accent who chatted us up.  He also referred us to our dinner destination:  Bostone Pizza, just up the street.  Yep, more pizza.  🙂

At Charley's

At Charley's

We got there just in time – they were cleaning up and nearing close.  We squeezed in an order for a large with green peppers.


Bostone pizza

We hop-skipped-jumped (carefully, guard that pie!) through the puddles and back to the comforts of our Sheraton suite.

The pizza was PHEnom.  So delicious.

We really need to stop eating pizza.  Especially since our running clothes and shoes sat untouched in our suitcase all freakin’ week.

But it’s just.  So.  GOOD!  Boston makes some mean ‘za.


We woke up melancholy, knowing that this was our last day, but also wanting to make the most of the next 24 hours.

Oh, but look….the view from el-suuuiitte-o:

Sheraton view 1

Sheraton view 2

Sheraton view 3

I don’t think I can tell you how ready I was to move onto the 18th floor!  Send for the kitties!

We hit Boylston and dropped into McGreevy’s, known as America’s first sports bar.

We revisited Charley’s in the daytime to find a bustling lunch crowd and an equally busy bar.

wine at Charley's

Vino at Charley's

To round out our afternoon of hopping, we stopped by Bukowski Tavern, spitting distance from our hotel.  DT got a big ol’ soft pretzel to munch on.  (I ate leftover pizza for lunch.)  😉

DT's pretzel

DT's half-eaten pretzel

Dinner plans entailed a search for some mighty tasty and authentic Italian food in Boston’s North End neighborhood.  You might call this Boston’s Little Italy – Italian restaurants, cafes, bakeries….one after another.

So we set out on another long walk….of course we could have cabbed it, but it gave us some exercise after the week of sloth and gluttony.  Plus it was a beautiful night, PLUS it gave us a chance to see more sights along the way.  We walked a bit further from where we’d been Thursday.

First, more firefighter friends:

me with firefighters 2

Amazing and tranquil Boston Common (several wedding photo shoots were underway!):

Boston Common 1

DT and me - Boston Common

Boston Common 2

Another swing past the State House:

Mass State House w/ DT

We’ve reached the North End:

Boston North End

One more firefighter greeting (Boston firefighters are so great!):

firefighters 3

Our quest to find amazing Italian food was more than satisfactorily found at Lucia.


It was a sprawling space – they were able to find a table for us in their cozy, dimly-lit lower level dining room.  Oooo….romantic!  😉

We started out with a beautiful bottle of Chianti.

Lucia Chianti

I had pesto on the brain, so my heart was set.  I must have the Gnocchi al Pesto.  DT ordered their lobster ravioli – Ravioli di Aragosta.

pesto gnocchi

Gnocchi al Pesto - such vibrant green!

lobster ravioli

Ravioli di Aragosta

We devoured our meals like rabid animals….the food was so unbelievably delicious.  My gnocchi was tenderly cooked to perfection and the pesto was packed with basily-garlicky flavor.  I couldn’t taste DT’s dish, but he raved about the velvety cream sauce and the freshest lobster stuffed inside al dente pasta.

DT and me - Lucia

And so.  The inevitably dreary walk back to the hotel to pack our bags and get ready to fly out the next morning.  Mopey, depressed vacationers on their last night.

Where did the week go?  Why must fun mean that time moves so quickly?  Why can’t it just stand still for eight days?  Didn’t we just get here?  And why can’t I be on vacation every freaking week??

last night walk

Goodnight, Boston.

Alas, we’ve reached the conclusion of our fair journey.  Thanks for bearing with me over the course of all these posts – there was just so much to show and share, I wish we could do it again.  TODAY.

Now to plan the next adventure….where should we go??

Happy weekend!

P.S.  Get outside – this Indian summer is UNBELIEVABLE!  🙂


One Comment on “Spicyland takes Boston (Part 3)”

  1. yennilb says:

    Looks like such a great time in Boston! I like the firemen the best 🙂 I want to go!

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