Sunday at the Orchard

It’s October 9….and 80+ degrees today.  Yahoo, Indian summer!  Keep it coming!

We couldn’t have landed more unbelievable weather for our annual fall pilgrimage to Minnetonka Orchards.  It’s time for some apple pickin’!

Minnetonka Orchards sign

Minnetonka Orchards, hay bail/trailer

Sam and Henry, height

Henry and Sam - how tall this fall?

We started with a stroll through the haunted cemetery:

haunted cemetery 2

Then made our way to the orchard.

to the orchard

orchard 1

orchard 2

orchard 3

We had to sample!

DT sampling

Henry sampling

Sam sampling

apple tree

Beautiful, sparkly apples!

Once we had a bag filled with these beauties, we sought out lunch.  A veggie burger for me, a brat for DT, and hot dogs for the kiddos.

veggie burger

My veggie burger loaded with pickles and....APPLE onions! Ridiculous-YUM!

Whomever invented apple onions is my new favorite hero….*GENIUS*!  We’re totally implementing apples into our sauteed onion regimen.

DT and Henry, lunch

Sam and me, lunch

Sam attacks me while I eat, fun.

After lunch, we headed up the hill to the retail barn.

retail barn

donut shack

Donut leave without trying one!

barn outside

As always, the barn was crowded and crazy….

barn 1

barn 2

the guys by the barn

Henry and me

Henry and me

We made our way back down the hill toward the animals….


My new friend Lloyd the llama.

llama 2

Lloyd's friend Llewellyn

animal barn

Llamas and chickens and goats, oh my!

bunny feeding

Henry feeds a bunny

We rounded out our visit in the corn maze – where’s our compass?!

corn maze sign

corn maze 1

corn maze 2

Such a fun day!  We’re all going to sleep well tonight.  🙂

And here, our apple bounty:

apple goodness

Time to make apple crisp!

Hope you made the most of this summer-in-October-weekend – have a great week!


One Comment on “Sunday at the Orchard”

  1. […] made our annual pilgrimage to the apple orchard today, and it was a far cry from the weather we had last year.  I.E. 40-some degrees in 2012, compared to 80+ in 2011.  Soooo, you’ll […]

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