Pretty Fall Trees

fall tree 1

I admired this tree on my commute for at least a week.

fall tree 2

fall tree 3

fall tree 4

fall tree 5

fall tree 6

fall tree 7

fall tree 8

fall tree 9

fall tree 10

fall tree 11

This girl's a little late to the Instagram scene, but what a perfect subject to try it out!

our fall street

Our golden street

Fall is so beautiful with its transformations.  I hate saying goodbye to summer, but with scenery like this, as close as our own neighborhood, how could you not be transfixed?

Does the change of seasons recharge you?


3 Comments on “Pretty Fall Trees”

  1. This is my favorite post because I love, love, luuuurve the changing trees. It DOES recharge me and I like to change up my wardrobe to match! Was super bummed when I got home from vacation because the trees were mostly brown and somewhat bare.

  2. yennilb says:

    Love the instagram photos! What’s your user name?

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