Iowa City 2011

This weekend we made the annual pilgrimage to Iowa City.  Our good friends and fellow Hawkeye fans Heidi and Rick made the journey with us.  We left Friday morning and reached our destination by early afternoon.  We met up with David’s childhood friend Andy from L.A.

The first order of business was lunch and the kickoff beer of the weekend at The Vine in Coralville, not far from where we were staying.

Vine Hawkeye flags

Hawkeye love at the Vine

After lunch, the guys went grocery shopping and the girls went to wander downtown Iowa City.

Old Capitol - day

Old Capitol by day - so beautiful!

We all met back up later in the afternoon and hit up Joe’s, David’s favorite college haunt.

Heidi, Rick, me

Heidi, Rick, me

DT and Andy shot some pool….

Andy and DT, pool

DT playing pool

DT and Andy, pool

DT and Andy, pool 2

Heidi and me at Joe's

Then we headed over to Deadwood Tavern, which was all decked out for Halloween.  Our friends from New York, Dave and Raquelle, met us there later.

Deadwood pumpkin

DT, Heidi, Rick

DT, Heidi, Rick

We rounded out the evening with some late night dinner….one of my Iowa City highlights, Pizza on Dubuque.  I love, love, LOVE Pizza on Dubuque!

PoD wall 1

PoD menu

PoD wall 2

PoD pizza slices

Two glorious pieces of PoD cheese pizza

Hearty, chewy crust, sauce that has kick, and gooey cheese – yes please!

A few folks in our group wanted gyros from the cart on the ped mall.

ped mall

Crazy, packed ped mall on a Friday night

gyro cart

DT, Heidi, Rick

I love the look of disgust Heidi has while the guys eat their gyros. 😉

four of us back at the hotel

The four of us back at the hotel

We got a good night’s rest and woke up ready to do some TAILGATING.

Our spot was about two blocks from Kinnick Stadium….pretty prime.

So, we set up shop.

girls, sign

The girls tape up the Hawkeye flag

tailgate tub

Tailgate tub outfitted with Hawkeye flag flair


Brand new sparkly grill!

Hawkeye Heidi

It wasn’t long before food prep started:

Choppin veggies

Chopping veggies

sauted veggies

Veggies cooking....they smelled so good!

wings and brats

Wings and brats were added to the grill

Heidi grills

Heidi mans the grill later - someone's got to!

Andy's brat

Andy's perfect brat

Winking Owl

Our finest, Winking Owl Chardonnay

And so, we spent the gorgeous day on Melrose – eating, drinking, shootin’ the breeze.

guys at tailgate

Heidi and her beer

tailgating gang


Melrose was hoppin' with Hawkeye fans all day.

moterized cooler

A motorized, rideable cooler with wheels?!! Awesome!

Tailgating ladies

Tailgating ladies

DT and me

DT and me

Heidi and I kick back

Heidi and I kick back

As it got closer to gametime (6 pm), the guys headed up to the stadium in search of tickets.  Except – none could be found that weren’t at least $125 – and well upward.  ACK!  We weren’t willing to spend quite that much, so we headed back to Joe’s and watched the game there.  Not ideal, but much warmer, I have to say.  Plus, Iowa was victorious over Northwestern, 41-31.  Go HAWKS!

I had to end the already-gluttonous day with one more stop at Pizza on Dubuque.

Pizza on Dubuque - outside

Okay….so, we didn’t get to go to the game, that was a bummer.  It would have been my first night game at Kinnick.  However, we had an awesome day of tailgating with great friends, food, and drink.  And the weather was quintessential fall – we couldn’t have asked for better.  All in all, not too shabby!

Old Capitol - night 1

Old Capitol by night

Old Capitol 2

Old Capitol facing the river

Old Cap up close

Goodnight, Iowa City!


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