Beeyooteeful October Day

It’s another a-MAY-zing fall day….the essence of summer just keeps hanging on. I’ll TAKE it!

In keeping with prolonging the glorious sun and warmth – accompanied with perpetual denial of the wretched weather months to come – DT, the kiddos, and I visited the Richfield farmer’s market in its waning days.

The stands were definitely sparse, but there were apples, pumpkins, and gourds aplenty.

FM 1

FM 2

Cooking demo

FM 4

FM 6

FM 7

FM 9

FM 10

FM 5

Eichtens' cheese selection

FM 3

Can you smell the onions from here?! Yuummmm

FM 11

Here’s what we brought home:


red peppers

Sam and Henry, pumpkins

We got home just in time to watch the Hawkeyes trample Indiana. Go HAWKS!

This afternoon I decided to make apple crisp to share with mi familia, who came over tonight.

apple crisp ingredients

It is my mamma’s recipe, tried and true. Clearly – as you can see by the spattered and worn piece of paper it was written on….this has traveled with me a few miles. Mamma Lori knows apple crisp.

apple crisp recipe

My only deviations: I make 1-1/2 of the crisp. And add a splash of lemon juice on the apples for a slight tang to the already-tart apples and sweet crumble on top.

apple crisp 1

apple crisp 2

apple crisp 3

Apples go into a buttered pan

apple crisp 5

Butter and dry ingredients go in a mixing bowl

apple crisp crumble

Crisp mixed up

apple crisp on top

And then added to the apples....

In the meantime.

I have made a mess.

apple crisp mess

And massacred opening the flour bag.

apple crisp flour bag

After 40-45 minutes in a 375-degree oven, the apple crisp magic happens. And the house smells. SO. Like apple crisp. Right??

baked apple crisp

baked apple crisp 2

apple crisp piece with ice cream

Ice cream to top the goodness, yes?

Sam's photo

Sam took this photo: me, Henry, Mamma Lori with Milo sprawled on her lap/legs, and Pops Randy.

In other news, look at this gorgeous bouquet DT picked up at the downtown farmer’s market Thursday:

fall bouquet

What is all of it? I have no's like a garden in a vase!

It seems we had our first hard freeze this week, so we are bidding adieu to our 2011 garden. On a success scale of 1-10, I’d say we came in at about a 4. The first half of the summer produced zilch, but we rebounded over the last two months or so. Here are our final harvests of tomatoes and peppers:

final harvest 1

Earlier this week

final harvest 2


I also must tell you how in love I am with my new Minnetonka moccasins….have I been living under a rock all this time? Moccasins are the most comfortable shoes ever….it’s like never having to remove my slippers when I leave the house. Yah?? YAH??

moccasins 1

moccasins 2

I LOVE them! I remember having white leather Minnetonkas when I was a kid….you know – the ones with the black nubby gripper things on the bottom? Yep, I had those and proudly trounced around the ‘burbs.

I’m certain I need at least three more pairs in various styles. (Christmas wish list maybe??! Ahem, DT? 😉 )

How is your weekend? Maybe some moccasins would make it sublime?!  Or apple crisp. Whatever floats your boat….


One Comment on “Beeyooteeful October Day”

  1. Funny! I was just about to pull out my Minnetonka moccasins today but opted for booties. Love.

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