Cone Brothers Part Deux

Remember that time a couple of months ago when we went to Cone Brothers with the kiddos and my mum and I completely spaced off taking photos because I was too busy devouring my ice cream?

Not so today, my friends.  Not so.  I was totally on my game this time.  🙂

Sam and Henry helped DT rake the front yard this morning, so their reward (and ours) was a trip to Cone Brothers.  No, I did not rake….I did, however, repaint the front door – that project may just finally be done??

On a productivity note, here’s what was accomplished by DT and me at the homestead this fine Sunday:

  1. As previously mentioned – front yard raked.
  2. As previously mentioned – front door repainted.
  3. Main floor (except kitchen) swept and mopped with Murphy’s Oil Soap (pretty much the BEST smell ever, no?).
  4. New doorbell installed.
  5. One load of laundry (darks).
  6. Basement bathroom cleaned.
  7. Basement vacuumed.
  8. Bookshelves in basement reorganized.
  9. Basement fireplace prepped for this fall’s first fire….any day now!
  10. I finished my book club book, Perfume:  The Story of a Murderer.  Strange and creepy Halloween-time read.
  11. A two hour nap by me (RJ snuggled).  😉
  12. Very important:  also previously mentioned – ice cream!!

Ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream!  Especially in this house….ice cream is one of the main food groups!

Hello, Cone Brothers….we’re baaaaaack!

Cone Brothers outside

Today’s weather wasn’t quite as fair as the last time we visited, so the bikes stayed at home and we made a quick drive over.

Cone Brothers has a fun, 1950s-diner feel….illustrated in the wall decor, checkered flooring, and jukebox playing Elvis, Roy Orbison, The Four Seasons, and the like.

Cone Brothers inside 1

Sam and Henry made a beeline for the ice cream case….

Cone Brothers inside 2

And ponder which flavor to choose….

Sam and Henry, ice cream case 1

Decisions, decisions!  May I please have them ALL?!

Cone Brothers menu

Cone Brothers menu

Sam picked Superman (their multi-flavored/colored sherbet-esque flavor), Henry picked black cherry, DT picked Fat Elvis (peanut butter, chocolate, butterscotch, and banana), and I had O-R-E-O.

Sam and Henry, outside 1

Sam and Henry try my Oreo ice cream....

Sam and Henry, outside 2

Then get back to work on Superman and black cherry.

DT and Fat Elvis cone

A man delighted with his choice.

We first went outside to enjoy our treats, but quickly realized it was a bit too chilly to be enjoying something frozen on a 50-something degree in late October.  So back inside we went.

Henry eats black cherry

Henry, very serious about his black cherry ice cream.

Me with Oreo dish

Oh happy day!

Oreo ice cream

My dish of Oreo is quickly disappearing!

Sam, jukebox

Sam considers a tune on the jukebox.

Cone Brothers will close for the winter at the end of this month and reopen in April 2012.  Until then!

DT and I are settling in to kick off the week-of-scary-movies.  Screening tonight:  Halloween.  We watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with the kiddos Friday night (one of our favorites, kids and adults alike).  Now onto the more serious stuff.  🙂

What scary movies are you watching the week before Halloween?

Hope you’ve had a fantastic, productive weekend with some yummy treats too!


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