Saturday’s Little Craft Project

Hellllooooo weekend!

Sorry for the absence of posts this past week….a bit of a blogger’s block going on, but I’m working on it.  😉

This is the first weekend since Labor Day that:  1.  we are home.  And 2.  we don’t have the kiddos.  A blank slate weekend….how novel!

DT and his buddy Joe went to watch the Nebraska game at 11:00 this morning, and from there to the Iowa-Minnesota game at TCF Stadium.  And who knows what other shenanigans.

Iowa….what happened today??  You let the Gophers….do that?

As for my afternoon….I went over to visit my friend Laura (my canning partner in crime) while she sewed up a storm for her new, fabulous showroom of Nelle handbags and clutches.  If you haven’t seen Laura’s work, give it a look.  She’s amazing, and so are her pieces.

Any-hoo, I haven’t seen Laura since our little canning adventure, so it’s high time we catch up.

First things first, though….it’s lunchtime.

Laura and her husband Cameron live in the Midtown Exchange building in Minneapolis.  The ground level houses Midtown Global Market, a sea of ethnic grocers, retailers, and dining options.

Midtown Market 1

Midtown Market 2

Midtown Market 3

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to grab a bite here!  Laura recommended Sonora Grill for our noon eats.


Sonora menu

I ordered the eggplant Bocadillo, sans fries.

Eggplant Bocadillo

Breaded eggplant on a plump bun with shredded Chihuahua cheese, tomato, arugula, and a super-duper flavorful chimichurri aioli.  Remarkably filling for a relatively compact sandwich, but oh-so-delicious!

Our stomachs are satisfied, we are pleased.  We head back up to Laura’s condo.

While she works, I’m going to do a little *project.*

After a trip to Michael’s over one of my lunch hours this week, I caught a bit of a crafting bug.  I decided to make a little fall-harvesty wreath for our beautiful, newly , ahem, repainted red front door.

red door

Ooooo Ahhhh

So I bought this grapevine wreath that will serve as the “canvas” for my creation….in artist’s speak.  Right, I think?!  😉

grapevine wreath

And this lovely bouquet of silk flowers to stage around my canvas:

flowers 1

flowers 2

I have my trusty glue gun….thank you, Pops!

glue gun

glue gun heats up

I set to work cutting the silk flowers from the stems….


Wirecutters, check!

flowers and stems

flower tags

Then strategically place them around the wreath.

wreath #1

wreath #2

It took a few arrangements, but I finally found one that I liked:

wreath #3

This one!

Time to glue!  I LOVE glue gunning!

gluing 1

gluing 2

I glued all of the flowers, plus some leaves from the stems to fill in a few spots.

I hung it on a lone nail found in Laura’s living room to see what it looked like on the vertical.

Voila!  My wreath!

my wreath!



Laura's dog Buddy stares me down. I don't think he's as impressed with my work as I am.

I bid dear Laura (Buddy too) goodnight and headed home to grace our red front door with a new accessory.

red door with wreath

wreath close up

door outside

View from outside

Time to kick back and enjoy the rest of Saturday evening….hope you’re having a good one too!


One Comment on “Saturday’s Little Craft Project”

  1. yennilb says:

    Super cute wreath! You inspire me! I need a new wreath for the front entry, maybe I’ll make one. 🙂

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