Pinteresting Sunday

As with Instagram (which I’m still trying to figure out), I’m a little late to hop on board the Pinterest train.  But my oh my….I am alllllll aboard now.  This girl is addicted.

I registered for an account over a month ago and have been just itching for a solid block of time to explore and see what it’s all about.


I was up until nearly 4:00 this morning (yes, a very large Saturday night), completely sucked into searching images and creating boards.  For as much time as I spent (and for as quickly as it passed), I didn’t get too terribly far (and now, very annoyingly, one of my boards has inexplicably vanished….I have no idea), but it’s all I can think about today.  I am trying to get my “to-dos” for the day done before I log back into Pinterest zone….it’s like crack for the eyes!

DT and I have had quite a lovely, albeit not-too-exciting Sunday.  We puttered around the garage and yard this morning, did three loads of laundry (including linens), went for a walk around the ‘hood, and are currently cozied up in the basement with a luscious, roaring fire.  The kitties have had their dinner kibble and are snoozing in the warmth.


Milo's melon rests on my keyboard.


RJ in a rare moment of R&R.

Sunday fire

I love fall Sundays with football and a fire!

It definitely feels like fall outside.  It was quite sunny and pleasant when we were out earlier….much like yesterday.  We went in for lunch and a shower, suited up for a stroll, and BRRrrrr!  The temperature definitely dropped in that hour or so.

But it felt strangely rejuvenating….the air was so crisp and cool, we could smell fires burning on certain blocks.  We saw some beautiful trees, still aglow and hanging onto their leaves for just a bit longer.

tree 1

tree 2

tree 3

tree 4

tree 5

tree 6

tree 7

It’s been a bit depressing to pack up our backyard and get everything stowed away for winter.  Our neighbors have been doing the same, and it’s like everyone’s saying goodbye for the summer before hibernation begins.  Yards have turned brown, many trees are already bare, the grass is dying, plants and gardens have shriveled away.

At the same time there’s a certain comfort and readiness for the change of seasons.  It feels kind of nice to bundle up to go outside and smell that lovely fall smell.  It feels good to come back inside and snuggle up by a fire.

I know that novelty quickly comes to a screeching halt when we’re knee-deep in below-freezing temps, multi-foot snowbanks, icy roads, undefrosted windshields, and driveways that need snowblowing.  Yep, it’s just around the corner really.

But for now, I’ll basque in my slight extreme denial, enjoying the early days of autumn and all that comes with it.

I mentioned the week-of-scary-movies last Sunday….so far we’ve had a fright with Halloween, The Shining, and Black Christmas (which is seriously one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever seen.  I think it’s scarier than Halloween).  Up tonight is Halloween 2 and tomorrow Session 9.

What’s your favorite spooky movie?

Hope you have had a fantastic fall weekend too!


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