Sir Milo’s 13th Birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday, Sir Milo!  You’ve become a bigger baby with age, but I love you so!  I can’t imagine a Milo-less life.

Milo and me

Milo 1

He's technically savvy.

Milo 8

He looks really nice next to a multi-colored blanket.

Milo 2

He can hold your hand down on a windy day so it doesn't blow away.

Milo 3

He glows by the candlelight.

Milo 4

His chin doesn't even need the whole table.

Milo 6

Oh, Milo. Well, at least your tummy is clean.

Milo 5

He's really good at radiating.

Milo 7

He gets a wet nose after he eats....and he is so darn cute when he's napping.

Now….if only I had more photos of him…. (The joke in my family is that my parents had more pictures of the pets than me and my brother.  I clearly inherited that gene.)

And if only the poor guy could get some sleep!  😉

Happy Halloween too, everyone!


One Comment on “Sir Milo’s 13th Birthday!”

  1. yennilb says:

    Happy Birthday Milo!!! My pets are definitely my kids. Or at least good stand-ins for now. They are turning 9 and 10 in the next month. Tear!

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