Homemade Marinara Sauce

Happy Thursday, all….weekend is just around the corner!

We had an abundance of farmer’s market Roma tomatoes that needed to be used pronto, so I decided to try my hand at homemade marinara sauce.

I looked up several recipes online yesterday and got the basic idea.  I’m just going to throw some stuff in a pan and see how it goes.  😉

So I got to choppin’ early on Tuesday.


choppin' Romas

And stowed them in Tupperware until tonight.

Romas in Tupperware

I’m using the last of our dwindling basil and parsley plants for the sawwsse.

basil and parsley

And, like everything we make in this house, a healthy dose of garlic is necessary!


Minced garlic and olive oil go into the pan to saute.

sauteed garlic

Once the garlic has browned just a bit, the tomatoes are added, along with more olive oil and Marsala cooking wine.

tomatoes, marsala

The herbs are waiting patiently to be added.

marinara herbs

Cracked black pepper and a bit of salt (to start) are added – I put the lid on the pan, turned the heat on about 3, and headed downstairs.

tomatoes cooking with salt and pepper

After 30-45 minutes of simmering (I know, such an exact recipe recount….it was spelling test night and I lost track), the herbs get to be added.

sauce with herbs

sauce simmering

So then, another 30 minutes [or so] later, here we are….the tomatoes have cooked down immensely.  The sauce is steamy and has definitely thickened!

I take a taste.  It’s good….definitely tomato-y and garlicky, but also slightly bitter.  I read in some recipes that brown sugar (or plain old white) is added to help offset the salt and any bitterness from the tomatoes.

Needless to say, some brown sugar was added.  Just a titch of red wine vinegar too.

sauce, brown sugar

Oh, and a few more fresh herbs:

sauce with herbs 2

Alas….the final product:

finished sauce

It’s tomato-chunky with a richness from the sugar.  The herbs and garlic have made it extra flavorful.

This story is a little anticlimactic….we didn’t eat my creation tonight.  DT is low carbing these days (phhhhtt), so, ummmm….pasta with Beautiful Homemade Marinara ala Spicyland does not quite fit the slim-to-no-carb plan.  Buzzkill!

Ahh, well.  We’ll package this up for a hearty winter meal when “someone” is not “boycotting pasta.”


In other news, I met up with my gal Emily last night for happy hour at The Riverview Wine Bar.

Their wine list is massive and their dinner menu is seasonally set.  We didn’t eat dinner, just enjoyed the vino.

I didn’t take a ton of photos like I normally would.  Although I wanted to, I just didn’t want to be the huge, embarrassing, touristy-looking person I typically become when I’m with DT because he just lets me.  😉

So, here are a few….what a cozy, inviting little space.  A glass of red wine to warm the heart would be lovely here in the wintertime!

Riverview menu

Riverside bar

Riverside mural

Emily tried the Tempranillo flight, I tried Malbec:

Malbec 1

Malbec 2

We had a delightful evening and found a great place to catch up.  I’ll definitely return this winter, DT in tow, so I can take a bunch more pictures!  🙂



2 Comments on “Homemade Marinara Sauce”

  1. yennilb says:

    Flights of wine! I want to go there:)

  2. […] a couple of weeks ago when I made homemade marinara sauce, but we didn’t eat it because DT was on that silly low-carb […]

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