Sunday Morning Yardwork

Happy first day of Fall-Back!

Six more bags of leaves were raked/mulched up this morning….yes, this morning!  The extra hour from setting clocks back allowed us to:

  1. Drink an entire pot of coffee
  2. Read the whole Sunday paper
  3. Rake, mulch, and bag the beejeezus out of the front and back yards….

….all before noon.  Eeep!

The Maple tree in our front yard is still holding onto the last of its leaves.  The rakes were out two weeks ago, but the yard very quickly regained a layer of crunch that was attacked today.

Maple tree

It’s been a quintessential fall weekend….windy, crisp, overcast at times with breaks in the clouds to let the sun shine through.  It was cloudy this morning and the leaves were awhirl.

leaves, sky

It didn’t take long to orchestrate some piles around the front yard.

leaf pile 1

leaf pile 2

We recruited the kiddos to help:

Henry in lawn bag

There's a Henry inside that lawn bag.

Sam, mulcher

Sam learned to use the mulcher/leaf vacuum thing.

Henry, attachment 1

Who knew the blower attachment could be so useful for slapping down leaves?

Henry, attachment 2

But there had to be some playtime while we worked….who doesn’t have fun with a big, fluffy pile of leaves??

Henry in leaves

Henry in leaves

Sam in leaves

Sam's face is in there somewhere....

Action shot – a running jump:

action shot

Into the pile they go.

into the leaf pile

Well, for now, the yard is clear.  I imagine we’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll look like we didn’t do much of anything this morning.  Ho-hum.  Trees are tricky like that.

Enjoy the evening and have a great start to your week!


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