DT’s Birthday Dinner at Pierre’s

Yesterday was DT’s 39th birthday (39 forrrEVVerrr! 😉 ), so we went out to dinner at Pierre’s Bistro to celebrate.  Whoop whoop, date night!  🙂

Pierre's outside

Pierre’s is a less-than-ten minute drive from our house on a relatively bustling corner of southwest Minneapolis.  David had been there once before long ago, this was my first visit.

The restaurant is a pretty small space….there is a bar area right as you step inside, then three warmly-lit dining rooms with tables spaced not too terribly far from one another.  It was a pretty quiet night at Pierre’s….there were a few other diners plus us, but I imagine it busies up on Fridays and Saturdays.

Pierre's bar

Pierre's dining room

We were seated in the front dining room, with this cozy little Eiffel Tower in the windowsill:

Pierre's windowsill

Pierre's menu 1

Pierre's menu 2

Vin Rouge, anyone?

Yes, please.  🙂

red wine

Birthday cheers!

On the food front, we started out with the cheese plate – a selection of goat and blue cheese, Brie, candied walnuts and apples, served with mini baguettes.

cheese plate

We both love, LOVE goat cheese – the creamy texture and tasty tang….ahhh.  The Brie was smooth and mild….I could go either way with Brie if it’s too overpowering, but this was a delight.  I’m not typically ever a fan of blue cheese, but this also wasn’t extremely pungent, especially when paired with the apples.  That was a tasty combination.

DT had visions of steak on his birthday plate, so he ordered the New York strip with green peppercorn sauce.

Pierre's NY strip

There weren’t a ton of meatless options, but I definitely did not go away hungry.

I ordered the pear salad and side of Ratatouille….I’ve never had that before!  (For shame, where have I been??!)  Tender, flavorful pieces of zucchini, red pepper, tomato, and onion….ahhhh-YUM!

Pear salad

Pear salad



Unfortunately, only three bites were eaten before I realized this was going to be LEFTovers! Our/my eyes were clearly larger than our/my stomach(s).  It was all so fabulous, though….DT devoured his steak like a good birthday boy should.

But alas.  No dessert, because 1.  We were stuffed.  2.  Mr. Low Carb Shmow Barb.  Boo.

Hey, when it’s my birthday….well, it’s already understood – DQ cake and LOTS of it, carbs be darned!  Willpower shmillpower.

Pierre’s is another place that would be so fun and cozy to patronize in the winter months, I hope we make a trip back there soon (the list of such places is lengthening!).  It’s so close to home, we don’t really have an excuse.

Oh – and on our way out, Pierre at the bar!

Pierre at the bar

Eyes are closed, oops.  I didn’t want to take up too much of his time.

Happy Birthday, DT, I love you!


3 Comments on “DT’s Birthday Dinner at Pierre’s”

  1. yennilb says:

    I love Pierre’s! I was actually just thinking Nathan and I should go here for our anniversary the other day!

  2. Susan Taylor says:

    Haven’t been there for ages, but I love Pierre’s!!

  3. Ashley says:

    I love Pierre’s too (have you met Pierre? He’s adorable)! Next time you should try the baked brie. It’s to DIE for. Also, they host wine tasting nights with a fixed menu that are pretty out of this world delicious.

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