This Weekend = Nothing New to Report

On a productivity scale of 1-10, I’d put this weekend at about a 3.


Well, I suppose some weekends are meant for a whole lotta nothing.

Mike Doughty played at First Avenue Friday night….awwwwesome!  Doughty tunes are a fine way to end the week.

A few photos:

Doughty 1

Doughty 2

Doughty 3

My greatest Saturday feat was 9 am Yoga.  The rest of the day was spent catching up on a few shows on the DVR, dozing, and reading  (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver….I’m trying so hard to get into it, but it’s been a very slow start.  I wanted to capitalize on a run of interest yesterday afternoon and plow through as many pages as I could.  That turned out to be around 40 – pathetic but remarkable progress after three weeks and only 150 pages in.).

We rounded out the evening with our dear friends Nate and Nancy at Pat’s Tap.  For beer and skee-ball lovers, this new gastro pub on Nicollet is a hotspot.  Pat’s is a neighborhood hangout with a jam-packed bar, boastfully loud dining room, and lots of folks itching to play skee in the back.  It was fun to catch up with N&N and try a new place.

This morning started lazily with a pot of coffee, the Sunday paper, and Sopranos reruns on A&E.  Ahhh, perfection.

Around noontime, we decided to head down the street to Champp’s and watch the Steelers play an exciting/stressful/dominating game against the Bengals.  Go Big Ben!

In other news, our washing machine imploded on spin cycle last Monday, so we’ll just add to the list of awesome unforeseen expenses a la casa this year (knock on wood there won’t be any more).  A new one will be delivered Wednesday, thank you Home Depot.

I have visions of Christmas decorations dancing in my head.  It’s almost too much to bear.  I must get to work!  😉

Oh, and Nancy has a coworker giving away 11 kittens and I saw a photo.  Guuuuhhh….fuzzy, fluffy, poofy-faced kittens with big eyes and ears and feet!  Eeeep!  Now I want a kitten, help me.  That would pretty much ruin Milo and RJ’s year.  I’m sure David wouldn’t be super happy if I brought a crazy baby kitty home….or would he??!!  Hmmm….

Now:  DT has a cracklin’ fire heating up the basement….RJ continues to suspiciously sniff the wood while Milo snoozes on the ottoman.  More football on the television.  RJ is spazzy and feral.  It all sounds about right.

It’s 6:14 pm, has been dark for about an hour, and feels like it’s about 9:00.  November, you slay me!

How was your weekend?  As lazy as mine?!  🙂

Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle?  What did you think?

Have a fantastic week….Thanksgiving is just around the corner!


3 Comments on “This Weekend = Nothing New to Report”

  1. Ashley says:

    My Saturday was extremely lazy as well. I tried to read Animal, Vegetable, Mineral but ended up abandoning it about 3/4 of the way through, I couldn’t get into it either. I’m actually glad someone else is having trouble, I don’t feel so bad then.

    • Ashley, I know – in theory, A, V, M should be totally up my alley…. recipes, cooking, organic food, farming, gardening, sustainable living, etc. All topics I typically gobble up (no pun intended), but I’m really struggling with this one. I hope the slight momentum I picked up this weekend will get me through the next 200 pages!

  2. Jennifer says:

    The best line from this post is “November, you slay me!” HahahHAHAHA. Really. Also, you totally intended the pun and I fully support it, much to Nancy’s dismay.

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