Homemade Marinara Consumed

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I made homemade marinara sauce, but we didn’t eat it because DT was on that silly low-carb diet?

All that changed last night, my friends.  Marinara went into our tummies, and if I may be so bold, it was GOOD.

It was a relatively easy dinner, actually – the hard work had already been done.

Just defrost the marinara,

frozen marinara

The frozen specimen in Tupperware. (I drizzled extra virgin olive oil over the sauce and pressed plastic wrap on top to seal in freshness).

Boil some pasta,

boiling pasta

Whole wheat penne

Spider the steaming pasta into a bowl,

spidering noodles

Toss with the sauce and a sprinkle handful of mozzarella:

pasta with sauce

cheese with noodles

Oh.  And the garlic bread.  Let’s not forget that!  DT gets to work.

slicing bread

Slices of buttery, garlicky bread hit the oven:

bread into oven

About 10 minutes later, we are ready to eat!

My bowl of pasta, complete with two slices of crunchy toast (and just a smidgen more cheese 🙂 ):

bowl of pasta

I still think I added a tad too much brown sugar to the sauce, a lesson learned for the next batch of homemade marinara.  The sugar made the sauce rich and flavorful – just a bit too sweet.  On a successful note, it was perfectly chunky to mix with the penne.  I can’t wait to make this again and perfect the recipe!

Happy Saturday – go Hawks!

One Comment on “Homemade Marinara Consumed”

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