First Snowy Sunday

Eeek, do you see that snow??  (Duh)

For being a native Minnesotan, I should be used to seeing the white stuff coming down, but dang….yesterday was strange.  It just seemed way too….soon.  And, as I was telling my mom yesterday, it’s like we’ve come full circle from when we moved into the house last year.  Crusty snow on the ground.  And COLD.

As strange as it was to see flurries all day, it was wonderful to cozy up next to a fire last night.  We kicked off the holiday movie season a bit early with a showing of Home Alone with the kiddos.  I’m fairly certain I’ve seen Kevin McCallister go AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! at least 100 times, but 20 years after I saw it the first time I can’t resist.  It’s such a great flick.

Regarding other hopes and dreams for the weekend….well.

Here are the stats:

  • Friday Yoga was fabulous.
  • No Yoga yesterday morning, but a solid sleep-in.  Lalala!
  • Hawkeyes won!
  • A fairly significant dent (for me, for this book) was made on A, V, M yesterday.
  • Aforementioned fire last night and tonight.
  • No sleep-in this morning….boo.
  • Henry and I had an awesome afternoon with Gretta and Walter, which included lunch at Fireside Pizza.  Total bonus!
  • Two loads of laundry are currently cycling through.  Clean clothes, how novel!
  • Short week ahead.  Ahhhh 🙂
  • New recipes – hrrmm.  Aside from pasta marinara on Friday night, I haven’t motivated as much as I’d hoped at weekend’s start.  I shall try very hard to do better this week, I do have things in mind.

Hope you survived – and maybe even enjoyed? – the first snowfall of winter 2011-2012.  Happy Thanksgiving week!


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