On the Eve of Thanksgiving

Well, once again new recipe inspirations have been derailed….

Because I.  Hab.  A.  Coad.


Well, it’s actually not the sniffly, sneezy, runny nose, box-of-Kleenex-every-hour kind of cold.  It’s more the throat-and-head-and-body-ache-since-Sunday-night (but-you-thought-it-was-just-dry-air) breed of cold.  That annoying, icky, blah sort where your ears ring, your head feels like a 100-pound weight, and a three-hour nap every two hours is just what the doctor ordered (if only it could happen).

It’s also the kind of cold that makes your appetite go MEH.  As such, I could not eat fajitas or Dillas if I wanted.  New recipes, not so much.  When I’ve even felt pangs of hunger, the only lust I have is for starch.  Bread and noodles.  Bread and noodles.  And oatmeal yesterday.  I feel so….bland.

But no matter.  This soon will pass and I know it could certainly be a whole lot worse.  I’ll take my vitamin C and Echinacea, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and will be better in no time.  Mmmmkay throat, head, and body, ya got that??

So I feel like the first part of this week has been basically wasted, but I am determined to enjoy the rest of the week (and weekend)….it’s Thanksgiving, for crying out loud!

DT and I are running the Turkey Trot 5k tomorrow morning with N&N – must get a little burn-on before a day of travel and gluttony.  For us, that will be a drive to St. Cloud to my aunt and uncle’s house.

And look!!

Christmas tubs 1

RJ must sniff the foreign objects....

Christmas tubs 2

....and now investigate the other side.

DT helped me haul in the big-ol’ holiday decoration tubs from the garage tonight!  They are sitting in the basement, patiently waiting to be unpacked for the holiday season.  The kitties have a new playground for the moment.

Christmas tubs 3

Milo's joined in the sniffing fun too.

Friday night plans….?  Some Christmas music?  Some cocktails?  I have a hunch!  😉

I will be sad to put my fall harvest decor away (also sad to find a place to put all of it, hmmm), but I am so excited to put up the Christmas tree (maybe two??) and make our home a winter wonderland for the holidays.

In other news, I finally finally finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle yesterday, yippie!  I feel so….free!  FREE to read a fun holiday book club book.  Which I’ve already started.  Which I’m already enjoying mucho.  🙂

I’ve also heard rumors of a certain “someone” (Does his name rhyme with Shmavid?) making their “famous, best-ever chili” this weekend.  Heck yes!

Lots of things to feel better for in the coming days, and lots of good food to be eaten.  I shall kick this cold bug’s booootay!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, all!


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