Turkey Day 5k 2011

Well, hello everyone….how was your Thanksgiving?  You survived?  Your stomachs prevailed?  Eyes bigger than tummy, perhaps?!  😉

And, here we are….Black Friday.  How’s that going for you?  Any good deals fetched today?  MMMmmmmmm?

Personally, I have been trying to land a second Christmas tree.  I (and now David since we’ve lived together) inherited my parents’ very first artificial Christmas tree as a married couple, awww….a six-foot beaut.  It’s been a fantastic trooper all these years, but I am looking to expand our array of holiday decor (you saw how nuts I went with fall harvest, no?).  We’re pullin’ out the big guns this year….TWO Christmas trees….!?  Eeeep!

We saw some trees with potential in the mountain of ads that came in the paper yesterday.  We ordered one online last night, but it won’t be delivered until December 8.  That’s simply too late!  The holiday season will be half over by then!  So this afternoon I shall set out and brave the stores to see if they have any Christmas trees left for me to bring home because I’ve got some DECORATIN’ to do!

Well, that’s my own Black Friday project.  Anyway.

Yesterday morning DT and I ran the Turkey Day 5k with Nancy, Nate, Nancy’s sister Jennifer, and her b.f. Zeb.  And Zeb’s friend Tony.  I was so happy to wake up and feel mostly normal after three days of yesh.  I was also glad to fit in a little run before a long day of sitting in the car, a bunch of food, watching football, and more sitting in the car.

Plus, the weather was *perfect* yesterday morning….DT and I ran the TD5k a couple of years ago and it was freeeeeezing cold.  But this year, the sky was clear, sun was out, temp was moderate, and we were ready-to-run!

The route started downtown Minneapolis and led us toward the Guthrie Theater, along the river, and looped back up to finish a few blocks from where we started.

Here we are, waiting patiently at the starting line:

DT and me, start

Hahaha, look at Nate's evil glare in the background!

N&N, start

Nancy and Nate - aren't they cute??

DT and Nate

DT and Nate

Ready, set, RUN!

DT and Nan

A blurry DT and Nancy

Nan, Nate, DT

Nancy, Nate, and DT in action

Nan and I, running

Nancy and I en route - with a crazy Zeb head in the background!

DT and I, running

DT and I running - this kind of didn't work.

3.1 miles later….

finish line

Finish line from the other side

We did it!

TT finishers

2011 Turkey Day 5k finishers

TT ladies

TD5k ladies

Nan and me, finish line

BFFs at the finish line

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend, happy Friday!


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