Sunday Night Chili

Hi everyone, happy Sunday!  Gosh, this weekend has gone fast.


I have been patient.  I have begged, I have pleaded, I have plotted.  And at long last….DT’s famous chili has made an appearance this fall.  FINALLY!!

We had a leisurely morning, i.e. sufficient sleep-in, Sunday paper with a big pot of coffee (my most favorite kind of Sunday morning).

Then we set to work.

We chopped tomatoes, peppers, and onions….soooo many peppers and onions.

chili veggies


The last of our garden tomatoes!

Then, we opened cans upon cans of stewed and diced tomatoes, kidney and chili beans.

chili cans

Kidneys and chilies and peppers, oh my!  And the onions, how they made us cry!

A cutting board of tear-jerking onions


Chili seasonings

Now, two huge pans of chopped veggies to saute for the pots:

veggies cooking

Ahhhh….that SMELL!

beans and tomatoes

Two vats of beans and tomatoes

Once the veggies have cooked for a  while, they are added to the pots with tomato juice and the first round of seasoning.

My veggie chili:

veggie chili 1

veggie chili 2

David’s chicken chili in the stockpot:

chicken chili

And so, it cooks….

All.  Day.  Long.

My contribution to tonight’s meal is a loaf of Tastefully Simple’s beer bread – have you had this?  It’s delicious, and so freaking EASY!

beer bread ingredients

Take a bag of the mix (I have Savory Wheat), along with a bottle of beer – or alternate beverage.  Pour it on in.

bread mix and beer

Then pour the batter into a greased bread pan, and in the oven it goes.

batter 1

batter 2

375 degrees for 50-55 minutes.

Here is my steamy pot of stew after the third round of seasoning:

steamy veggie chili

And David’s….look how much it’s cooked down!

DT's steamy stew

50 minutes later….golden brown BEER BREAD:

baked beer bread

sliced beer bread

And then, after such a long day of chopping and smelling and tasting and waiting….we have our bowls of chili.

chili bowls

DT’s to the left with sour cream, raw onions, and beer bread – mine on the right with sour cream, marble jack cheese, and beer bread….


Ohhh, happy, delicious, warm, flavorful NIGHT.

How I’ve missed you, chili!

Have a great week!


3 Comments on “Sunday Night Chili”

  1. Ashley says:

    Yum that looks good! and goodness that’s a lot of onions.

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  3. […] know I’ve written about our chili meals before (here and here), so I won’t repeat myself and the photos.  It’s just that time of year again […]

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