Lunch at Nokomis Cafe

While the chili cooked yesterday, DT and I headed out to lunch at Nokomis Cafe in south Minneapolis.  We had a Groupon one day away from expiration….nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?!

Nokomis Cafe isn’t far from our old ‘hood and is also very close to beautiful Lake Nokomis (so, a restaurant aptly named).

Nokomis Cafe outside

Nokomis Cafe

It was obvious that we weren’t the only ones scrambling to use our Groupon the day before it expired….the place was a-hoppin’.  We also made it just in time before their Sunday 2:00 close….we got there right at 1:00, eep!

Our wait for a table was about 15 minutes.  Eventually we were seated and we scoped out the menu….lots to choose from, and breakfast served all day.


DT selected the turkey club sandwich, I picked the grilled cheese (Swiss and provolone, please), served with homemade tomato soup.

Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited….

Meanwhile, one of the ladies in the next booth kept talking louder and louder and louder….

We waited over 30 minutes for our food.  When it finally arrived, we quickly realized the meal wasn’t worth the wait.

DT’s “Turkey Club” was more a shredded turkey sandwich without bacon or cheese, but it did include soggy wheat bread.

turkey club

My grilled cheese was tasty, but it’s hard to mess that up, right?  I think.  The “Homemade Tomato Soup”  tasted mostly generic and wasn’t piping hot.  Lukewarm, maybe.  Yeck.  It was good for dipping my sandwich, but not the tomato soup you seek out on a chilly, late-November day.

tomato soup and grilled cheese

grilled cheese

early bird

"Early Bird Special 5:30-8:30 am"

Nokomis bar

The little sit-up bar area after the cafe had cleared out a bit.

It was really the perfect storm for a poor dining experience:  a last-minute rush of people cashing in on their deal, the servers were clearly understaffed (I can only assume the same was true in the kitchen), and it was our server’s first day, so she was obviously learning the ropes.  It seemed like too much work (and/or another 30 minute wait) to bother bringing up the soggy pile of turkey club and soup that was only warm.  So we kept quiet and ate.

What a disappointment, boo.  It’s unfortunate because we love little neighborhood places like this and would frequent the establishment if given good reason.  However, Nokomis Cafe did not.

DT’s and my review in a nutshell:

“It was not worth getting dressed and leaving the house.”

We’ll stick with our chili.

Our house smells like onions.

The end.


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