Craftacular Saturday

Happy Sunday to one and all.  My my, how this weekend flew.  Oh, how they always do!  (I rhymed. 😉 )

Today hasn’t amounted to a whole lot on the productivity scale.  I bought a[nother] new pair of shoes (wincing).  Why.  WHY.

Well, they are cute.  The fact that they were on clearance helped.  But most importantly, they’re cute.  And they’re shoes.  Black, patent leather flats….love.



Yesterday was oodles of fun.  I met up with some lovely ladies in the morning (including Nelle Handbags, She Knows This Much is True, Stumbling Towards Bakery, and Pear of Hearts – and my BFF Nancy!) for No Coast Craft-o-Rama at the Midtown Global Market in south Minneapolis.  This once-a-year event highlights handmade creators of all different sorts.  Clothing, pottery, jewelry, soaps, home decor, etc. etc. etc….well, you’ll see more below.


So much to see and take in, it was overwhelming.  Nancy, Laura, and I did a preliminary lap around the fair to scope out the vendors, then Nancy and I did a second loop to confirm our selections.

Midtown was a-bustle….lots of people shopping, and no doubt many checking gifts off their holiday to-do lists.

No Coast 1

No Coast 2

No Coast 3

Handmade totes

No Coast 4

Silkscreened tees

No Coast 5

Fun jewelry and accessories

No Coast 6

Baby things

No Coast 7

Organic soap

No Coast 8

Pretty pottery

I walked away with one gift (I can’t tell!) and 2012’s Chinook Book.  Weee!

We were inspired to create, and so headed over to Nancy’s house for an afternoon of crafting.

Six of us (and two greyhounds 🙂 ) huddled in Nancy’s extremely well-organized craft room to make fancy paper things.

Nancy's paper

Paper stock, organized by color

craft table 1

Crafty table

craft day


craft table 2

The table gets messier....

crafting 2

Crafty table #2


Crafting exhausts Cherokee.


Spirit too.

My accomplishment:  seven birthday cards.  Gosh, it takes a long time and many creative juices for these things!

my cards 1

my cards 2

Thank you, dear Nancy, for such a fun and inspirational day!

And now – we have a fire.  And these two blobbidies with us on the couch, in the laptop glow:

Milo and RJ, couch

That's my leg Milo is bunched up against....ahh, just another night.

I think it’s time for a Christmas movie!

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. […] Yesterday started out with what has become another holiday tradition for me and a few of my favorite gals – a visit to December’s No Coast Craft-o-rama fair at the Midtown Global Market.  (Remember when we did this last year?) […]

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