Holiday Overwhelm

I love this time of year.  I looooooooooovvve this time of year.

I love the decorations.  I love the music.  I love the television commercials.  I love the advertising.  I love the traditions, the festivities.  I love the spirit.  I love the donations, the do-gooding.  I love the treats (duh).

But then I just get overwhelmed.

Last weekend, I made a to-do list for this week and when I was finished, all I could think was CRAP.  Only the first full week of December and I feel so obscenely  BEHIND.  Already.

Why?  Why all the pressure?

Maybe it’s because this week, Tuesday-Tuesday is jam-packed.  I’m gone all weekend.  I have gifts to buy, cards to send, and I’ve started about 1/8 of it all.  Our little countdown-to-Christmas snowman says there are 17 days left.  Eeeep!

snowman countdown

So immediately on Monday I set into panic mode, total freak-out.  I was on a mission to complete tasks every single day….and I didn’t do so bad, actually.  I even made a slight dent in shopping last night, but still, anxiety is running high.  HIGH.  Nerves are a-flutter.  Why are the holidays such a blessing and curse?  Where is the simplicity?

I don’t think it exists.


Holidays, why do you plague meeeeeeeeee????  (But I love you at the same tiiiiiime?????)

I think holiday baking on Sunday with Mamma will set my soul at ease.  Will report back later.  🙂


2 Comments on “Holiday Overwhelm”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I feel this exact way. I’m excited for everything hoilday related, but I feel overwhelmed and I don’t even have a ton of December plans. One day at a time I guess!

  2. […] dying to know and super worried and stuff….but I think I have the holidays under control.  (Reference a time when I felt […]

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