Book Club Snacks

Last night my Book Club met to celebrate the holidays and discuss our book of the month.  It was my turn to host, therefore also my turn to pick the book.  I chose A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flag.

I made a few snacks to feed my fellow bookworms, one of which happened to be included in the recipes section in the back of the book.

The Corn Casserole required just a few ingredients to be mixed together in a bowl, poured in a 9×13 pan, and baked for 45 minutes.  Easy breezy!

Corn Casserole ingredients

Corn Casserole ingredients


Creamed corn and....corn.

corn casserole pan

Into the oven it goes!

The second little app I made was baked Brie with caramelized apples and onions (modified slightly).

Baked Brie ingredients

Baked Brie ingredients

Sliced garlic cloves were sauteed in butter….


And joined shortly thereafter with slices of a yellow onion and Granny Smith apple:

onions and apples

The vegetables were poured over a wheel of Brie, wrapped up in aluminum foil, and baked in a square metal pan.  (Notice I omitted the pastry crust.)

brie in pan

Can't you see the Brie under all that yummy stuff?!

I also warmed up some pre-made spinach and artichoke dip from Costco….LOVE this stuff!

artichoke dip

Of course I had to include a tray of goodies from the baking bonanza mi madre and I had Sunday.


Wellll….I was in such a frenzy to get food on the table for my guests that I forgot to take pictures of the baked products.

No matter for the Brie….it turned into a puddle of cheese, onion, apple, and garlic.  Clearly it stayed in the oven too long.  Not photo-worthy in the least, my presentation failed.  This had the potential to be look so.  Much.  Better.  Poo.  The flavors were delicious, though.  I would definitely attempt this again, when I am paying more attention.

The Corn Casserole appeared to be a hit, though:

casserole eaten

Our book club did a white elephant gift exchange.  Here was my awesome contribution….


Anyone need a wooden hanger??

gift bag

Here was the even awesomer gift I got in return:


I mean….those gloves??!!

I really enjoyed A Redbird Christmas….it was a quick read, and while nothing super deep or profound, left me with a warm-fuzzy feeling for the holidays.  Fluff, and some parts far-fetched maybe, but I felt uplifted.  I felt like a member of little Lost River….or maybe an onlooker staring into a snow globe and watching the town tick through each day.

The characters’ lives took on a sort of simplicity and there was an unmistakeable sense of community.  Ritual, too.  It was just the sort of read I need this time of year.

What are your favorite books or stories around the holidays?


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