Holiday Management

Okay, everyone….I know you were dying to know and super worried and stuff….but I think I have the holidays under control.  (Reference a time when I felt differently.)

Here’s the thing.

Loved ones, friends, and family….it looks like Christmas cards aren’t happening this year.  Don’t let your hearts be broken, and certainly don’t feel slighted.  I just didn’t quite get there.  But know we love you, are thinking of you, and wish you nothing but happiness, health, and peace in 2012.

I will try to do better next year.


Gifts are wrapped and under the tree (just one more to buy!).

gifts under the tree

Have I mentioned how much I love our tree this year?  It’s beeyooteeful.

Christmas tree 2011

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

stockings on the mantle

Milo is exhausted.  Christmas really wears him out.

Milo tired 1

Milo tired 2

(If only I had more photos of him….)

snowman countdown

Are you ready for the holidays?


One Comment on “Holiday Management”

  1. Mummy says:

    Love your tree, your stockings and decorations! And Milo of course.

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