Giving Back

For the past many Christmases, my family has cut back our gifting to each other and focused our resources on donations to those in need.

This holiday we are sponsoring a family through my parents’ church.  They’ve had a tough year….a father/grandfather died suddenly, a home foreclosure, and a subsequent move to live with the widowed mother/grandmother.  We want to make their Christmas brighter.

So on Tuesday night my parents, brother, DT, and I met up to do a little shoppin-til-we-droppin.

We started out at Kohl’s, where we bought presents for the gals of the family.  Also where I forgot to take photos.  Oh well.

Then we moved on to Super Target, where we found gifts for the guys (two teenage boys), stocking stuffers, and the fixings for Christmas dinner.  Of course we couldn’t forget a little something for their dog.  🙂

My dad and brother were pretty excited about the ham we found….

Dustin and ham

Dad and ham


My parents weighed the options in the frozen vegetable section:

frozen veggie case 1

frozen veggie case 2

Two carts rolled around the store….one was filled with food and other goodies.

cart 1

The other with fun stuff like a dart board and snowball catapults (everyone needs one of those, right?!).

cart 2

DT rounds out the apple pie dessert with a little Cool Whip:

DT, Cool Whip

After all that retailing, we enjoyed a delicious dinner out together.  Family time is good.  🙂

My parents took the bags upon bags upon bags home and my mom wrapped up a storm yesterday.  Here’s what they’ll be delivering to the family this evening:

wrapped gifts

I love that this has become a tradition for our family at Christmastime.  We are so blessed to have all we do.  Each other included, and especially.  I’m so glad that we have enough to share with others who are not as fortunate.

I hope the family will enjoy their gifts and have as much fun with them as we did shopping for them.  I think we’d make fine elves.  😉


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