New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again….

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

I do.

There are the usual resolves that always make my list:

  • Eat better.
  • Work out at least three times a week.
  • Budget/finance-related:  spend less, save more, yadayada.
  • Professional/work-related:  be successful, do good work, advance, yadayada.  At the very least – earn a paycheck, keep the bills paid.

There have been others, like:

  1. Run a marathon
  2. See friends more often
  3. Read at least one book a month
  4. Be more punctual
  5. Stop listening to the same music over and over and make good use of new music I download
  6. On the rut-note, stop eating the same meals over and over and make new recipes from the 75 cookbooks we have but don’t use nearly enough
  7. Don’t buy greeting cards when you can make them (and you’ve spent a small fortune on supplies to do so)
  8. Dust the house at least once a month (ugggghhh, a dreaded task)
  9. Be charitable
  10. Embrace winter and all of its fun activities
  11. Visit farmer’s markets during the summer and buy more local food
  12. Don’t chew so much gum
  13. Let go of stuff
  14. Be thankful

Some of these have been on my list year after year, and I just need to admit to myself that they’re not.  going.  to.  happen.  I may try very hard, I may have an elevated awareness about them as it pertains to my shortcomings, but dangit.  Any more energy toward something that is apparently innate and a part of me is just plain wasted.

Regarding #1:  I’m not ever running a marathon again.  Well, maybe….but not for a while.  I don’t want to stand at the starting line with the Minneapolis half marathoners, wishing with every ounce of my being that I only had to run 13.1 miles instead of 26.2.  Every ounce.  Of my being.  Terrible, awful.  I’ve never felt such darkness descend upon my soul.

Regarding #4:  I am perpetually not on time.  I know it’s inconsiderate, I know it sucks.  I know I used to not be this way, I don’t know what happened.  For what it’s worth, it stresses me out very much as well.  I try to at least alert people that I’m going to be late (as if they didn’t assume already), and by how much.

Regarding #8:  I hate dusting.  I’m not going to do it every month, I’m just not.

Regarding #10:  Uggghhh, I will keep TRYING.  I just love being warm, cozy, and indoors on a cold, snowy winter day so MUCH.

Regarding #12:  I chew gum all day long.  I must.

Regarding #13:  Oh, man.  That’s a tough one.

(One year I told DT I was going to stop swearing.  He told me to not even bother with that one.  He was right.  Instead, I tried to “cut down.”  That sort of worked.)

For other resolutions, I may not be an entire, glowing success all year long, but I know, I just KNOW that it’s something I can improve upon.  Seeing my friends more often, reading lotsa books (that aren’t necessarily on the book club list), making cards rather than buy them (especially with inspiration from my super-duper-creative friends), buying from the farmer’s market, giving/being charitable, being thankful (which, sometimes I honestly have to stop and remind myself – but I do)….psshhhaw!  No problemo.

So, here’s what I’m working on for 2012 (and I am going to get a gold star on *every one*!):

  1. The aforementioned four resolves that always make my list.
  2. Stop listening to the same music over and over and make good use of new music I download (for real).
  3. Stop eating the same meals over and over and make new recipes from the 75 cookbooks we have but don’t use nearly enough (for real).
  4. I’ll take #3 a step further.  Make at least one new recipe a week.  There.  Shazam.
  5. Run an awesome Minneapolis HALF marathon in June.  Yipppeee!
  6. Life in Spicyland hopes and dreams.  I’ve learned a lot since I started this blog in August and I have a list of things I’d like to work on, improve, try, etc. etc. etc.  I’ll be taking my blogging lessons learned into 2012, so keep your eyes open….I hope you like what you see!
  7. Perfect my tripod headstand outside the comforts of my own basement.
  8. Sewing skills.  This is a little out of left field, but a left field resolution never hurt anybody.  My sewing machine has been sitting out since my mom helped with curtains for the office way back over the summer.  I have a skirt that needs the hemline re-sewn, I’ve just put it off for so long because I know how clunky and unskilled I am.  A task like that will take me hours and I’m simply dreading it.  I want to get better and sew cool stuff.

I’m sure this list will evolve as 2012 begins, the months go by, and the year ultimately ends.  It’s a place to start, anyway, and these are goals I’m really excited about hitting.  Or making some progress on, at the very least.

What are your resolutions for 2012?


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